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Chrysalis Journey

Within my chrysalis,
I nurture the wings of my future self

Our chrysalis is a cocoon of self-discovery, wrapped in the cocoon of our previous experiences, unrefined. But within us, a fire was kindling, a passion that the mundane could not quench. Our journey wasn’t celebrated by the victory of visible triumphs but by the silent victories on her journey to self.

She is a celebration of the beauty of resilience, a beacon for those still navigating theirs

She is the beginning of the end, the end of the beginning, and the journey continues…

Kintsugi Woman celebrates the strength and beauty of overcoming challenges

and the continuous journey of growth and self-discovery.


SiSTARS, continue the journey with us and explore the metaphorical chrysalises in the life of a ‘Kintsugi Woman,’ symbolizing strength and resilience through healing and transformation and the many chrysalises of the Kintsugi Woman

In the art of Kintsugi, broken pottery is mended with gold, creating beauty from imperfection. The Kintsugi Woman is one who has faced life’s breaks and, with golden seams of experience, emerges more beautiful. YOUR life, like all, are prisms of chrysalis stages of be.YOU.tiful transformation in various aspects.

Chrysalises of the Kintsugi Woman

 We celebrate healing and transformation.

We honour our  journey, recognizing the beauty in YOUR healed scars.


There are different chrysalises YOU may be going through or have as Kintsugi Woman:

  • Chrysalis of Adventure

    •  Seek new experiences that broaden horizons.

    •  Embracing the unknown, YOU find growth in every adventure.

  • Chrysalis of Career

    •  Find fulfillment and purpose in work.

    •  Aligning YOUR career with YOUR passions, YOU thrive professionally.

  • Chrysalis of Community

    •  Build and uplift a supportive community.

    •  Investing in YOUR community, YOU foster collective healing.

  • Chrysalis of Creativity

    •  Express the inner world through art.

    •  YOUR creativity becomes a healing and expressive prism of self.

  • Chrysalis of Fear

    •  Turn fears into stepping stones.

    •  Facing fears, YOU discover strength and courage.

  • Chrysalis of Finances

    •  Achieve stability and security.

    •  YOU navigate financial waters with wisdom and foresight.

  • Chrysalis of Health

    •  Cultivate a resilient body and spirit.

    •  Prioritizing wellness, YOU nurture YOUR body with care.

  • Chrysalis of Learning

    •  Remain a lifelong student of the world.

    •  Open to life’s lessons, YOU grow with each new experience.

  • Chrysalis of Legacy

    •  Leave a positive mark on the world.

    •  YOU aspire to leave behind a legacy of kindness and resilience.

  • Chrysalis of Life

    •  Live fully, embracing change.

    •  YOU see each change as an opportunity to rebuild bolder and braver.

  • Chrysalis of Loss

    •  Find meaning after loss.

    •  Grief transforms YOU, informing YOUR journey without defining it.

  • Chrysalis of Motherhood

    •  Embrace the transformative journey of motherhood.

    •  Discovering love and nurturing, YOU embody motherhood in all forms.

  • Chrysalis of Relationships

    •  Connect deeply and meaningfully.

    •  YOU form bonds that honor YOUR worth and foster growth.

  • Chrysalis of Self-Discovery

    •  Uncover the true self.

    •  Peeling back layers, YOU reveal and embrace YOUR authentic self.

  • Chrysalis of Spirituality

    •  Connect with something greater.

    •  YOUR spiritual path offers solace and strength.

Each chrysalis represents a stage of growth, healing, and transformation, contributing to the intricate and beautiful mosaic of the Kintsugi Woman’s life.

Continue the journey with

A tapestry of empowerment, resilience, and self-love.


Here are the golden threads of affirmation for our Kintsugi woman spirit on her chrysalis journey

  1. I am a chrysalis transforming within.

  2. I am a masterpiece in the making.

  3. I am more beautiful and valuable after healing.

  4. I am resilient like repaired pottery.

  5. I am resilient, radiant, and reborn.

  6. I am whole, even with my cracks.

  7. I breathe, release, and step past the past.

  8. I celebrate my golden footprints—the legacy I leave behind.

  9. I choose joy and pleasure over burnout.

  10. I choose self-compassion over self-criticism.

  11. I embrace my imperfections as exquisite seams of gold.

  12. I feel the wind lift my spirit, like wings unfurling.

  13. I honour my inner whispers; my intuition knows the way.

  14. I love myself unconditionally, imperfections and all.

  15. I release what no longer serves me.

  16. I trust my intuition; it’s the compass guiding me toward authenticity.

  17. I turn challenges into opportunities for growth.

  18. I weave dreams, empowerment, and love into my life.

  19. My emotional scars do not define me; they strengthen me.


May these affirmations continue to empower you, dear sistars. 


Embrace         Empower        Engage          Explore        Evolve        Repeat

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