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Welcome, radiant beings, to a kaleidoscope journey of transformation and self-discovery. This is for you, to each Kintsugi women, the brave souls on the path of self-love, and healing.

We embrace our imperfections, empower each other with our stories, engage in the art of self-care, explore the depths of our hearts, and evolve with every flutter of self-love on our radiant reinvention of self.

Embrace the pieces of yourself that you’ve been taught to hide.

Your cracks are not flaws; they are proof of your resilience.


Empower yourself and others by sharing your journey.

Your voice can be the golden thread that helps repair another’s broken spirit.

Engage with a community of kindred spirits who are also navigating their chrysalis journeys.

Together, we are stronger.

Explore the inner workings of your soul.

Dive deep into the waters of introspection and emerge with pearls of wisdom.

Evolve into the person you are meant to be.

With each lesson learned and each challenge overcome, you grow more beautiful.

Join Kalina in this sacred garden of growth.

Let’s celebrate the prisms of each other’s journeys and support one another

as we unfold into the magnificent beings we are destined to become.

With each flutter of self-love, we rise, we heal, we shine.
Kintsugi Woman, your chrysalis awaits.

Transform, shine, and let the world see the beauty of your golden journey.

As we navigate through the ups and downs of life, there comes a time when we feel the urge to pause, reflect, and embark on a journey of transformation. Like a caterpillar entering its chrysalis to emerge as a beautiful butterfly, we too can undergo a profound metamorphosis. This process involves stepping out of our comfort zone, shedding old beliefs and habits, and embracing change with open arms.

Reflecting on our past experiences allows us to gain valuable insights into who we are and who we want to become. It provides us with the opportunity to assess our strengths and weaknesses, our triumphs and challenges, and to set new intentions for the future. By taking the time to reflect, we can identify patterns that no longer serve us and make conscious choices to let go of what no longer aligns with our highest good.

Stepping out of our cocoon requires courage, vulnerability, and a willingness to embrace the unknown. It means trusting ourselves and listening to our internal GPS, facing our fears, and taking risks that push us beyond our perceived limitations. Just as the caterpillar must struggle to break free from its chrysalis, we too must be willing to endure discomfort and uncertainty to grow and evolve.

The Chrysalis journey is a time of precious inner work and self-discovery. It is a period of transformation where we shed layers of conditioning, limiting beliefs, and societal expectations to reveal our authentic selves. Through prisms of introspection, meditation, journaling, and seeking support from mentors or therapists, we can navigate the depths of our psyche and unearth hidden truths that propel us toward phenomenal personal growth and empowerment.

As we search through the prisms of self on our chrysalis journey, we may encounter resistance, setbacks, and moments of doubt. It is during these challenging times that we must lean into our inner strength, resilience, and faith in the process. Like the butterfly struggling to emerge from its cocoon, we too must trust in our ability to overcome obstacles and soar to new heights.

In a realm where self-discovery intertwines with transformation, a woman emerges from a golden chrysalis, her essence shimmering with newfound radiance. As she unfurls her wings, she is enveloped in the prisms of her being, each radiant sparkle reflecting a different aspect of her soul. The golden hues of her chrysalis symbolize not only her rebirth but also the precious nature of her journey toward self-realization.

Guided by passion and spirit, she embraces her imperfections as beautiful fragments that have been mended with the gold of resilience and wisdom. Like the art of kintsugi, she sees her cracks as pathways to strength and growth, each delicate line telling a story of overcoming challenges and embracing her uniqueness. With each step she takes, she shines brighter, embodying the beauty of imperfection and the power of embracing one's true self.

Embracing transformation is a lifelong journey that requires patience, self-compassion, and a commitment to personal growth. It is not a linear path but rather a winding road filled with twists, turns, and unexpected detours. By cultivating a mindset of curiosity, openness, and flexibility, we can navigate the uncertainties of change with grace and resilience.

Throughout our chrysalis journey, it is important to cultivate practices that nourish our mind, body, and spirit. This may include engaging in mindfulness meditation, yoga, creative expression, spending time in nature, or connecting with supportive communities. By prioritizing self-care and holistic well-being, we can replenish our energy reserves and stay grounded amidst the turbulence of transformation.

As we continue to evolve and grow through our chrysalis journey, we begin to notice subtle shifts in our perception, behavior, and relationships. We may find ourselves gravitating towards new interests, passions, and opportunities that align with our evolving sense of self. By staying attuned to our inner guidance and intuition, we can make choices that honor our truth and lead us towards a more authentic and fulfilling life.

The beauty of the chrysalis journey lies in the process of becoming. It is a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and rebirth that invites us to embrace our full potential and embody our true essence. Just as the butterfly emerges from its cocoon with grace and beauty, so too can we step into the world with newfound confidence, purpose, and radiance.

Your journey of reflecting, stepping out of the cocoon, and transforming through a chrysalis experience is a profound and transformative process. It requires courage, self-awareness, and a willingness to embrace change with an open heart. By embarking on this journey with intention and dedication, we can unlock our true potential, cultivate inner strength, and soar to new heights of personal growth and fulfillment. May we all find the courage to spread our wings and embrace the beauty of transformation in our own lives.

Embrace your inner light and shine brightly like a radiant gem. Let your uniqueness sparkle and dazzle the world with your brilliance. Harness your strength and empower yourself to achieve greatness. Flourish and thrive in every aspect of your life, embracing growth and success. Illuminate the path ahead with your wisdom and illuminate the world with your presence.

Procrastination, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome are three of the most common obstacles that people face in their personal and professional lives. These limiting beliefs can hold us back from achieving our goals and reaching our full potential. To let go of the Sabotage Warrior, we must first identify these limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones. Here is a blueprint to help you overcome these obstacles and achieve your goals.

 Identify the limiting belief

The first step in overcoming these limiting beliefs is to identify them. Ask yourself what beliefs you hold that are holding you back. Do you believe that you are not good enough? Do you believe that you have to be perfect to succeed? Do you believe that you don't have enough time to complete your tasks? Once you have identified these beliefs, write them down.

Challenge the belief

The second step is to challenge these beliefs. Ask yourself if they are really true. Are you not good enough? Is perfectionism necessary for success? Do you not have enough time? Look for evidence that contradicts these beliefs. For example, think of times when you have succeeded despite feeling like you weren't good enough. Think of successful people who are not perfect. Think of times when you have completed tasks despite feeling like you didn't have enough time.

 Replace the belief with an empowering mantra

The final step is to replace the limiting belief with an empowering mantra. This is a thought you can repeat to yourself whenever you feel the limiting belief creeping in. For example, if you believe that you are not good enough, replace that belief with the mantra "I am capable and worthy of success." If you believe that you have to be perfect, replace that belief with the mantra "Done is better than perfect." If you believe that you don't have enough time, replace that belief with the mantra "I have all the time I need to complete my tasks."

This a powerful blueprint for empowering women to become bolder and braver, guided by their passion and spirit. Diva Strong is an organization that embodies this philosophy and seeks to help women everywhere find their inner strength. In this blog post, we will explore the 11 steps of the CHRYSALIS Journey Blueprint, and the mantras that accompany each step.

Step 1: Connect with Your Inner Self
The first step on the CHRYSALIS Journey is to connect with your inner self. This means taking the time to reflect on your values, beliefs, and goals. The mantra for this step is "I am connected to my inner self."

Step 2: Unleash Your Creativity
Once you have connected with your inner self, it's time to unleash your creativity. This means exploring your passions and finding new ways to express yourself. The mantra for this step is "I am a creative force."

Step 3: Embrace Your Authenticity
The third step is to embrace your authenticity. This means accepting yourself for who you are, and not trying to conform to others' expectations. The mantra for this step is "I am authentic and true to myself."

Step 4: Cultivate Your Strengths
Next, it's time to cultivate your strengths. This means identifying your unique talents and abilities, and finding ways to develop them further. The mantra for this step is "I am strong and capable."

Step 5: Develop a Growth Mindset
A growth mindset is essential for personal development. This means being open to new experiences, and viewing challenges as opportunities for growth. The mantra for this step is "I am open to new possibilities."

Step 6: Set Intentional Goals
Setting intentional goals is key to achieving your dreams. This means setting clear, measurable goals that align with your values and passions. The mantra for this step is "I am focused on my goals."

Step 7: Create a Vision Board
Visualizing your goals is a powerful way to manifest them.

Creating a vision board can help you keep your goals in focus,

and stay motivated. The mantra for this step is "I am visualizing my dreams."


Step 8: Take Action
Taking action is the next step on the journey. This means putting in the hard work to make your dreams a reality. The mantra for this step is "I am taking action towards my goals."

Step 9: Overcome Obstacles
Obstacles are a natural part of the journey, but they can also be opportunities for growth. Overcoming obstacles requires resilience and perseverance. The mantra for this step is "I am resilient and strong."

Step 10: Celebrate Your Wins
Celebrating your wins is an important part of staying motivated. This means taking the time to acknowledge your accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem. The mantra for this step is "I am celebrating my successes."


Step 11: Give Back
Finally, giving back to others is a powerful way to cultivate gratitude and abundance. This means using your talents and resources to help others, and making a positive impact in the world. The mantra for this step is "I am making a difference in the world."

The CHRYSALIS Journey Blueprint is a powerful gem in our treasure box of self to empowering women to become bolder and braver, guided by their passion and spirit. By following these 11 steps, you can unlock your full potential and live the life of your dreams. Remember, you are strong, capable, and deserving of success. So go out there and make it happen!

Continue the journey ,let go of the Sabotage Warrior and overcome the limiting beliefs of procrastination, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome. Remember to identify the limiting belief, challenge it, and replace it with an empowering mantra. With perseverance and a positive mindset, you can achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

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