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chapter 6


Illuminated to Illuminate

My Life is Just a Vapor

My life is just a vapor that is here for just a short moment in time
God's love shines through gentle spirits who we meet day by day
Some are our neighbor next door, the receptionist at our doctors
The fellowship and friendships that we encounter each day heal

Healing is not as easy as taking a pill or bandaging a wound
What has been healed is the deepest most agonizing terror
The gash that has tormented my soul is gone

Unconditional love that family and friends give
Fellowship with other like-minded who have also been wounded deep
A phone call away, a hug of reassurance, a whisper of hope
I have received and so it is my time to give, so that we are all stronger
Ready for the next disaster in our family, our heart, our mind we can imagine

Thank you to all my dear friends for laughing with me
Being there, just to listen and not doing anything at all
I have grown stronger, wiser and more appreciative of small things
Things that are free that mean so much that no one could buy
Thank you for letting me be me


Just a Glass Pane away


Vacuuming and later seeing when the sun shines in that  a light layer of dust or crumbs that were missed, like life we think we have removed things then the sun comes in or a song is played and things are revealed that we thought we dealt with.


Sitting in my corner I can see outside, the snow gently falling. The outside world sometimes is so far away even when just a glass pane is all that is in between us. We are watching from the inside of our minds, closed off to what might be beautiful. We need to open the windows, our heart and feel the breeze, smell the sweet fragrance of life. Then another window, then another until we are ready to open a door realizing that we don’t need to be afraid to begin again. Start a new life. Maybe if I write about it enough, talk about enough. I will believe it.


Wasting what time I have and life and the messages I have for others who may be in the same dark corner. They may be waiting for someone just like me to help open their windows. 


Are we pulling or pushing people, thoughts away?

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