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Kintsugi Woman 

spiritual toolkit

Keep reaching for the stars

 Your journey is about becoming mighty

not just about being at the top

The *Kintsugi Woman Feminine Ethereal Wisdom Lexicon is a collection words and phrases designed to empower women through the principles of Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. 


Let’s look at its purpose, usage, importance, and lessons:

Purpose: The Lexicon serves as a guide for women to connect with their inner strength and wisdom. It’s a tool for personal growth and empowerment, drawing upon the metaphor of Kintsugi, which emphasizes beauty in imperfection and strength in repair.


How to Use: Women can use the Lexicon by engaging in the meditations and affirmations provided. These practices encourage Kintsugi women to nurture self-love, personal transformation, and tap into the deep well of feminine intuition.

Importance: It helps women embrace their unique journey, including their flaws and breaks, and see them as opportunities for growth and beauty. The Lexicon encourages women to find strength in their experiences and to connect with others through shared wisdom and empowerment.

What We Can Learn: From the Kintsugi Woman Lexicon, we can learn to:

  • Appreciate our imperfections as part of our unique story.

  • Connect with our inner wisdom and intuition.

  • Empower ourselves and others through positive affirmations and meditations.

  • Find resilience and grace in the face of challenges.

  • Transform our experiences into a tapestry of spiritual knowledge and understanding.

In essence, the Kintsugi Woman Feminine Ethereal Wisdom Lexicon is a spiritual toolkit for women to inspire and empower themselves and each other, creating a community of strength and resilience. It’s about turning life’s challenges into golden opportunities for growth and connection. *Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold, symbolizes embracing imperfections and finding beauty in the healed fractures.

A - Amity: The spirit of friendly companionship and harmony, especially after conflict or adversity. Like Kintsugi, amity represents the beauty of bonds reformed stronger and more precious after being tested.

B - Benevolence: An inclination to perform kind, charitable acts. It’s the gold that fills the cracks of the world, making it whole and beautiful.

C - Compassion: Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it. In Kintsugi, compassion is the hand that applies the gold, acknowledging the breakage and healing it with care.

D - Dignity: The state of being worthy of honor or respect. It’s inherent in the Kintsugi woman, who carries her scars with grace, elevating them to art.

E - Empathy: The ability to understand and share the feelings of another. It’s the emotional glue in Kintsugi, allowing one to connect with the broken pieces and mend them with understanding.

F - Fortitude: Courage in pain or adversity. Like the enduring materials in Kintsugi, fortitude is the strength that helps one hold together and shine despite the breaks.

G - Grace: Simple elegance or refinement of movement. In Kintsugi, grace is found in the acceptance of one’s history and the seamless blend of past and present.

H - Harmony: The combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce a pleasing effect. Kintsugi creates harmony by uniting broken pieces into a symphony of resilience.

I - Intuition: The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. It’s the Kintsugi artist’s guide, leading them to repair what’s broken in a way that feels right.

J - Joy: A feeling of great pleasure and happiness. It’s the result of embracing one’s Kintsugi journey, finding delight in the newfound wholeness.

K - Kindness: The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. It’s the warmth that fills the cracks in a Kintsugi repair, making the restored piece not just whole, but welcoming.

L - Love: An intense feeling of deep affection. In Kintsugi, love is the force that values the broken as much as the unbroken, seeing the beauty in all stages of existence.

M - Mindfulness: The quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. For the Kintsugi woman, mindfulness is being present with each piece of her story, honoring every fragment.

N - Nurturing: The process of caring for and encouraging the growth or development of someone or something. Kintsugi is a nurturing art, fostering beauty and strength where there was once fragmentation.

O - Optimism: Hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something. It’s the Kintsugi mindset, believing that breaks can lead to even greater beauty.

P - Patience: The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. In Kintsugi, patience is the time taken to carefully mend what’s broken, resulting in a masterpiece.

Q - Quietude: A state of stillness and tranquility. It’s the peaceful acceptance of one’s journey, much like the silent work of piecing together a Kintsugi pot.

R - Resilience: The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. It’s the core of Kintsugi, where every repair is a testament to the strength within.

S - Serenity: The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. For the Kintsugi woman, serenity comes from the acceptance and celebration of her life’s unique pattern.

T - Trust: Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. In Kintsugi, trust is placed in the process, believing that the end result will be beautiful.

U - Unity: The state of being united or joined as a whole. Kintsugi exemplifies unity, bringing together broken shards to form a complete, harmonious vessel.

V - Valor: Great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle. The Kintsugi woman shows valor by facing her brokenness head-on and transforming it into strength.

W - Wisdom: The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment. It’s the Kintsugi artist’s insight, knowing where and how to apply the golden joinery.

X - Xenodochy: The act of being hospitable, especially to strangers or foreigners. Like Kintsugi, xenodochy is about embracing and integrating the unfamiliar to create a richer whole.

Y - Yearning: A feeling of intense longing for something. It’s the desire that fuels the Kintsugi process, the drive to seek wholeness and beauty in the face of adversity.

Z - Zenith: The time at which something is most powerful or successful. In the life of a Kintsugi woman, the zenith is the moment she recognizes the full beauty of her mended self, shining brightly like the golden seams of her experiences.

This lexicon can serve as a guide to the philosophy and practice of living like a Kintsugi woman, finding strength and beauty in the imperfections and trials of life. Each term reflects a facet of the wisdom that comes from embracing one’s complete self, flaws and all.

A - Affirm your worth, Act with purpose, Accept your uniqueness, Always choose joy, Ascend beyond limits, Acknowledge your strength, Allow yourself grace, Adventure awaits you, Attract positive energy, Appreciate every moment, Aspire to inspire

  • Affirm your worth: You are invaluable, deserving of respect and love. I am worthy of all good things.

  • Act with purpose: Live intentionally, making choices that align with your values. My actions reflect my purpose.

  • Accept your uniqueness: Embrace what makes you different as your greatest asset. I am unique and that is my power.

  • Always choose joy: Find happiness in every situation, it’s a choice within your control. Joy is my natural state.

  • Ascend beyond limits: Rise above challenges, knowing no boundary can hold you back. I am limitless.

  • Acknowledge your strength: Recognize the resilience within you, it’s been there all along. My strength is my foundation.

  • Allow yourself grace: Be kind to yourself, understanding that perfection is not the goal. I am gentle with myself.

  • Adventure awaits you: Life is an exciting journey, step forward with courage. I am ready for new adventures.

  • Attract positive energy: Surround yourself with positivity, and it will reflect back on you. I am a magnet for positivity.

  • Appreciate every moment: Cherish the present, for it’s the only time that’s truly yours. I am grateful for now.

  • Aspire to inspire: Lead by example, becoming the change you wish to see. I inspire others through my actions.


B - Believe in your dreams, Be the light, Breathe and be present, Build bridges, not walls, Blossom into your best self, Break free from doubt, Be a beacon of hope, Boldly pursue excellence, Balance is key, Be authentically you, Bravely face the unknown

  • Believe in your dreams: Trust in the vision you have for your life. My dreams are my reality in the making.

  • Be the light: Illuminate the world with your kindness and spirit. I shine brightly for all to see.

  • Breathe and be present: Stay grounded in the now, finding peace in each breath. I am centered and calm.

  • Build bridges, not walls: Connect with others, fostering understanding and unity. I am a connector of hearts.

  • Blossom into your best self: Grow and evolve, showing the world your true colors. I am blooming with potential.

  • Break free from doubt: Let go of uncertainty, and embrace confidence. I am confident in my choices.

  • Be a beacon of hope: Offer encouragement and optimism to those around you. I radiate hope.

  • Boldly pursue excellence: Strive for greatness without fear. I am relentless in my pursuit of excellence.

  • Balance is key: Find harmony in all aspects of life. I live a balanced and harmonious life.

  • Be authentically you: Celebrate your individuality, it’s your signature in the world. I am true to myself.

  • Bravely face the unknown: Step into the future with courage, ready for what comes. I am fearless in my journey.


C - Cherish your journey, Cultivate inner peace, Create with passion, Connect with kindness, Climb every mountain, Celebrate small victories, Choose to thrive, Carry hope in your heart, Commit to growth, Channel your energy, Conquer with love

  • Cherish your journey: Value every step of your path, for it has shaped you. I honor my past as it has led me to today.

  • Cultivate inner peace: Nurture a state of calm within yourself. I am at peace with who I am.

  • Create with passion: Let your creations be a reflection of your fervor. My passion is the spark of my creativity.

  • Connect with kindness: Reach out to others with a gentle heart. My kindness builds bridges.

  • Climb every mountain: Face challenges with determination. No obstacle is too great for me.

  • Celebrate small victories: Find joy in the progress, no matter how minor. Every achievement is a step forward.

  • Choose to thrive: Opt for a life of flourishing and prosperity. I choose to live abundantly.

  • Carry hope in your heart: Let optimism be your constant companion. Hope guides me through uncertainty.

  • Commit to growth: Dedicate yourself to continuous improvement. I am committed to becoming better every day.

  • Channel your energy: Direct your vitality towards positive action. My energy creates positive change.

  • Conquer with love: Overcome adversity with the strength of love. Love is my most powerful weapon.


D - Dream boldly, Dance through life, Delight in simplicity, Draw strength from within, Dare to be different, Discover new horizons, Defy expectations, Dwell in possibility, Display your colors, Devote to self-care, Drive change with courage

  • Dream boldly: Let your imagination soar without limits. My dreams know no bounds.

  • Dance through life: Move with the rhythm of existence joyfully. Life is a dance, and I move gracefully through it.

  • Delight in simplicity: Find beauty in the uncomplicated and ordinary. Simplicity brings me joy.

  • Draw strength from within: Tap into your inner well of power. I have an unending source of strength inside me.

  • Dare to be different: Embrace your uniqueness with pride. I celebrate my individuality.

  • Discover new horizons: Explore the vastness of life’s opportunities. I am an explorer of life’s endless possibilities.

  • Defy expectations: Surpass what others anticipate of you. I exceed expectations.

  • Dwell in possibility: Live in a state of openness to potential. I am open to all possibilities.

  • Display your colors: Show the world your true essence. I shine in my authenticity.

  • Devote to self-care: Prioritize your well-being and happiness. Self-care is my priority.

  • Drive change with courage: Be the force that propels transformation. I am brave in enacting change.


E - Embrace every opportunity, Elevate your mind, Empower those around you, Enjoy life’s journey, Exude confidence, Envision success, Engage with the world, Endure with grace, Enrich your soul, Exhibit courage, Express gratitude

  • Embrace every opportunity: Seize each chance for growth and learning. I welcome new opportunities with open arms.

  • Elevate your mind: Reach higher levels of understanding and wisdom. I am constantly elevating my thoughts.

  • Empower those around you: Share your strength and inspire others. I am a source of empowerment for my community.

  • Enjoy life’s journey: Take pleasure in the path, not just the destination. I find joy in every step of my life’s path.

  • Exude confidence: Radiate self-assurance in all that you do. I am confident and capable.

  • Envision success: Picture your goals and work towards making them a reality. I see my success and move towards it.

  • Engage with the world: Participate actively in the tapestry of life. I am fully engaged in the richness of life.

  • Endure with grace: Persist through challenges with dignity and poise. I handle life’s challenges with grace.

  • Enrich your soul: Feed your spirit with experiences and knowledge. My soul is nourished by my experiences.

  • Exhibit courage: Show bravery in the face of fear. I am brave even when I am afraid.

  • Express gratitude: Acknowledge the blessings in your life with thankfulness. I am grateful for the abundance in my life.


F - Flourish in adversity, Foster love, Find your rhythm, Fuel your passion, Forge ahead, Feel the joy, Face fears head-on, Favor kindness, Follow your intuition, Fulfill your potential, Forge meaningful connections

  • Flourish in adversity: Grow stronger and more beautiful through challenges. I thrive in the face of adversity.

  • Foster love: Cultivate deep connections and affection. I nurture love in all my relationships.

  • Find your rhythm: Discover the unique beat to which your life flows. I dance to the rhythm of my own life.

  • Fuel your passion: Let your inner fire drive your actions. My passion is the fuel for my journey.

  • Forge ahead: Move forward with determination and resolve. I am unstoppable in my pursuit of goals.

  • Feel the joy: Immerse yourself in the happiness that surrounds you. Joy is all around me, and I embrace it.

  • Face fears head-on: Confront what scares you with boldness. I face my fears and conquer them.

  • Favor kindness: Choose to act with gentleness and compassion. Kindness is my chosen response.

  • Follow your intuition: Trust the wisdom that comes from within. My intuition guides me to the right choices.

  • Fulfill your potential: Realize the full extent of your abilities. I am reaching my highest potential.

  • Forge meaningful connections: Build relationships that enrich your life. My connections bring depth to my life.


G - Grow with grace, Give generously, Grasp new concepts, Glide through challenges, Garner wisdom, Generate positivity, Gravitate towards love, Greet each day with hope, Galvanize your spirit, Ground yourself in nature, Gather strength from unity

  • Grow with grace: Evolve with elegance and dignity. I grow beautifully and effortlessly.

  • Give generously: Share your abundance with the world. My generosity enriches both my life and others’.

  • Grasp new concepts: Embrace learning and expand your understanding. I am open to new ideas and knowledge.

  • Glide through challenges: Navigate difficulties with ease and poise. Challenges are opportunities for me to shine.

  • Garner wisdom: Collect insights from your experiences. I am wise because I learn from life.

  • Generate positivity: Be a source of good vibes and optimism. I radiate positive energy wherever I go.

  • Gravitate towards love: Let love be the force that guides your actions. Love is my compass.

  • Greet each day with hope: Start every morning with a hopeful heart. Each day brings new possibilities.

  • Galvanize your spirit: Energize and inspire yourself to take action. I am motivated and ready to conquer my goals.

  • Ground yourself in nature: Connect with the earth to find balance. Nature rejuvenates my spirit.

  • Gather strength from unity: Draw power from the collective support of your community. Together, we are stronger.

H - Harness your potential, Heal with compassion, Honor your truth, Hope for the best, Hum with happiness, Handle life with care, Herald new beginnings, Hold onto faith, Hone your skills, Herald new beginnings, Hold onto faith, Hone your skills, Harvest joy from within

  • Harness your potential: Utilize your abilities to their fullest extent. I use my talents to achieve great things.

  • Heal with compassion: Mend wounds with kindness and understanding. My compassion heals myself and others.

  • Honour your truth: Stand by your beliefs and values. I live authentically and true to myself.

  • Hope for the best: Maintain an optimistic outlook. I expect the best and work to make it happen.

  • Hum with happiness: Let contentment resonate within you. Happiness is my song.

  • Handle life with care: Approach each situation thoughtfully and gently. I treat life with respect and care.

  • Herald new beginnings: Celebrate the start of new chapters in life. I welcome fresh starts with open arms.

  • Hold onto faith: Keep believing in the unseen and the yet to come. Faith guides me through the unknown.

  • Hone your skills: Sharpen your abilities through practice and dedication. I am committed to mastering my craft.

  • Harvest joy from within: Cultivate and gather happiness from your inner self. I find joy in my own being.


I - Ignite your passion, Invest in yourself, Inspire change, Indulge in self-love, Imagine new possibilities, Invoke joy, Inhabit your dreams, Illuminate the dark, Intertwine with nature, Initiate action, Infuse life with art

  • Ignite your passion: Spark the flame that drives your soul. My passion burns brightly within me.

  • Invest in yourself: Dedicate time and resources to your growth. I am worth the investment.

  • Inspire change: Be the catalyst for positive transformation. I lead by example to inspire others.

  • Indulge in self-love: Treat yourself with kindness and care. I love and accept myself fully.

  • Imagine new possibilities: Visualize a world of endless opportunities. My imagination knows no limits.

  • Invoke joy: Call forth happiness in your daily life. Joy is my constant companion.

  • Inhabit your dreams: Live in the reality of your aspirations. My dreams are my reality.

  • Illuminate the dark: Shine your light in the shadows. I am a beacon of hope in darkness.

  • Intertwine with nature: Connect deeply with the natural world. Nature and I are one.

  • Initiate action: Take the first step towards your goals. I am proactive in pursuing my ambitions.

  • Infuse life with art: Bring creativity to every aspect of your existence. My life is a masterpiece.


J - Journey with purpose, Join hands in unity, Jump for joy, Justify your existence, Juggle responsibilities with ease, Jolt awake your senses, Jot down your thoughts, Jive with the rhythm of life, Joust with your fears, Jewel your crown, Just be you

  • Journey with purpose: Travel through life with intention and direction. My path is filled with meaning.

  • Join hands in unity: Stand together with others in solidarity. Together, we are unstoppable.

  • Jump for joy: Leap into happiness with exuberance. I celebrate life with enthusiasm.

  • Justify your existence: Live a life that reflects your values and beliefs. I live authentically and with purpose.

  • Juggle responsibilities with ease: Manage your duties skillfully and calmly. I handle my responsibilities with grace.

  • Jolt awake your senses: Be fully present and alive in every moment. I am awake to the beauty of life.

  • Jot down your thoughts: Record your ideas and reflections. My thoughts are valuable and worth remembering.

  • Jive with the rhythm of life: Move in sync with life’s ups and downs. I flow with life’s changes.

  • Joust with your fears: Confront your anxieties with bravery. I face my fears with courage.

  • Jewel your crown: Adorn yourself with the achievements of your hard work. I am proud of my accomplishments.

  • Just be you: Embrace your true self without apology. I am perfect just as I am.


K - Kindle new dreams, Keep a joyful heart, Knit close bonds, Know your worth, Kickstart your day, Keep promises, Kindle new dreams, Keep a joyful heart, Knit close bonds, Know your worth, Kickstart your day, Keep promises

  • Kindle new dreams: Light up your aspirations with hope and determination. I ignite my dreams with passion and possibility.

  • Keep a joyful heart: Maintain a spirit of happiness, even through tough times. My heart is a reservoir of joy.

  • Knit close bonds: Weave strong relationships built on trust and love. I am connected to a loving community.

  • Know your worth: Understand and appreciate your inherent value. I am valuable and deserving of respect.

  • Kickstart your day: Begin each morning with energy and enthusiasm. I start my day with positive momentum.

  • Keep promises: If you are going to make promises. Uphold your commitments and be reliable. I am trustworthy and honour my word.

L - Leap towards goals, Laugh often, Love deeply, Learn continuously, Live mindfully, Lead with empathy, Lighten others’ burdens, Lend a helping hand, Let go of negativity, Listen to your heart, Look for the good

  • Leap towards goals: Jump into action and chase after your ambitions. I am proactive in achieving my goals.

  • Laugh often: Find humor in life and share it with others. Laughter is my favorite melody.

  • Love deeply: Give your heart fully to your passions and people. I love with all my heart.

  • Learn continuously: Embrace the journey of gaining new knowledge. I am a lifelong learner.

  • Live mindfully: Be present in each moment and live with intention. I savor the richness of the present.

  • Lead with empathy: Guide with understanding and compassion. I lead by feeling with others.

  • Lighten others’ burdens: Help ease the load of those around you. I am a source of comfort and support.

  • Lend a helping hand: Be ready to assist and support others. I am helpful and kind.

  • Let go of negativity: Release negative thoughts and embrace positivity. I choose positivity over negativity.

  • Listen to your heart: Trust your inner voice and follow its guidance. My heart knows the way.

  • Look for the good: Seek out positivity and goodness in the world. I see the beauty in everything.


M - Make memories, Move mountains, Manifest dreams, Motivate others, Marvel at life, Maintain balance, Master your craft, Meet challenges, Multiply joy, Muster courage, Mirror positivity

  • Make memories: Create lasting moments that will be cherished forever. I create unforgettable experiences.

  • Move mountains: Overcome seemingly impossible obstacles. I am capable of great feats.

  • Manifest dreams: Bring your deepest desires into reality. I turn my dreams into my reality.

  • Motivate others: Inspire those around you to reach their potential. I am an inspiration to others.

  • Marvel at life: Be in awe of the world’s wonders and mysteries. Life’s beauty amazes me every day.

  • Maintain balance: Keep a harmonious blend of work, play, and rest. I live a balanced and fulfilling life.

  • Master your craft: Excel in your skills through dedication and practice. I am dedicated to perfecting my abilities.

  • Meet challenges: Face difficulties with resolve and bravery. I confront challenges head-on.

  • Multiply joy: Share happiness and spread it widely. I amplify joy in my life and in others’.

  • Muster courage: Gather strength to face fears and take risks. I am brave in all my endeavors.

  • Mirror positivity: Reflect a positive attitude back to the world. I am a reflection of positivity.


N - Navigate new paths, Nurture your passions, Notice the beauty, Nourish your body and soul, Nestle into comfort, Network with purpose, Name your blessings, Nudge your limits, Nurture your passions, Notice the beauty, Nourish your body and soul, Nestle into comfort, Network with purpose, Name your blessings, Nudge your limits

  • Navigate new paths: Chart your course through unexplored territories. I am an adventurer on life’s map.

  • Nurture your passions: Cultivate the activities and interests that bring you joy. My passions bloom under my care.

  • Notice the beauty: Observe and appreciate the world’s splendor. Beauty surrounds me and I embrace it.

  • Nourish your body and soul: Provide yourself with the sustenance and care you deserve. I am healthy, whole, and complete.

  • Nestle into comfort: Find solace in the places and people that offer you warmth. Comfort is my sanctuary.

  • Network with purpose: Connect with others to create meaningful relationships. My connections are intentional and rich.

  • Name your blessings: Acknowledge and be grateful for your fortunes. I am thankful for my abundant blessings.

  • Nudge your limits: Gently push the boundaries of what you believe is possible. I expand my horizons every day.


O - Open your heart, Offer your talents, Overcome obstacles, Optimize your potential, Observe mindfully, Operate with integrity, Own your story, Offer your talents, Overcome obstacles, Optimize your potential, Observe mindfully, Operate with integrity, Own your story

  • Open your heart: Be receptive to new experiences and love. My heart is open to all the universe offers.

  • Offer your talents: Share your skills and abilities with the world. My talents are gifts to be shared.

  • Overcome obstacles: Triumph over any barriers in your way. I am an overcomer of all challenges.

  • Optimize your potential: Make the most of your innate abilities. I maximize my innate talents.

  • Observe mindfully: Pay careful attention to your surroundings and inner thoughts. I am present in every moment.

  • Operate with integrity: Conduct yourself with honesty and strong moral principles. I act with honor and truth.

  • Own your story: Embrace your personal narrative with pride. My story is uniquely mine and I cherish it.


P - Pursue your dreams, Practice patience, Proclaim your joy, Protect your peace, Provide help, Promote harmony, Ponder possibilities, Pursue your dreams, Practice patience, Proclaim your joy, Protect your peace, Provide help, Promote harmony, Ponder possibilities

  • Pursue your dreams: Chase after your aspirations with relentless determination. My dreams are within my grasp.

  • Practice patience: Embrace the virtue of waiting calmly. I am patient and calm in all situations.

  • Proclaim your joy: Declare your happiness to the world. My joy is loud and contagious.

  • Protect your peace: Guard your tranquility against chaos. My peace is sacred and I safeguard it.

  • Provide help: Be a source of assistance and support to those in need. I am helpful and supportive.

  • Promote harmony: Encourage a sense of unity and accord. I am a peacemaker in my world.

  • Ponder possibilities: Reflect on the potential and opportunities available to you. I consider all the possibilities life offers.


Q - Quiet your mind, Quench your thirst for knowledge, Quest for truth, Quell your fears, Quick to forgive, Quirk up your life, Qualify your goals, Quantify your blessings, Quiver with excitement, Quench your thirst for knowledge, Quest for truth, Quell your fears, Quick to forgive, Quirk up your life, Qualify your goals, Quantify your blessings, Quiver with excitement

  • Quiet your mind: Find serenity within your thoughts. I am at peace within my inner sanctuary.

  • Quench your thirst for knowledge: Satisfy your curiosity by learning more each day. I am a lifelong learner, always growing.

  • Quest for truth: Seek honesty and authenticity in all aspects of life. I pursue truth with determination.

  • Quell your fears: Calm your anxieties and face life with courage. I am stronger than my fears.

  • Quick to forgive: Release grudges and embrace forgiveness. I choose forgiveness to free my heart.

  • Quirk up your life: Embrace your uniqueness and let your personality shine. My quirks make me special.

  • Qualify your goals: Define your aspirations with clarity. I set clear and achievable goals.

  • Quantify your blessings: Count and be grateful for the good in your life. I am thankful for the abundance I have.

  • Quiver with excitement: Anticipate the future with eagerness and enthusiasm. I am excited for what’s to come.


R - Radiate love, Rise above challenges, Revel in success, Reach for the stars, Rekindle old friendships, Reflect on experiences, Relish the moment, Rejuvenate your spirit, Reinforce your strengths, Radiate love, Rise above challenges, Revel in success, Reach for the stars, Rekindle old friendships, Reflect on experiences, Relish the moment, Rejuvenate your spirit, Reinforce your strengths

  • Radiate love: Emit a strong, loving energy to everyone around you. I am a beacon of love and positivity.

  • Rise above challenges: Elevate yourself beyond difficulties. I transcend challenges with grace.

  • Revel in success: Take great pleasure in your achievements. I celebrate my successes with joy.

  • Reach for the stars: Aim high and set lofty goals. My aspirations are boundless.

  • Rekindle old friendships: Renew connections with friends from the past. I cherish and revitalize my friendships.

  • Reflect on experiences: Think deeply about what you’ve learned. I gain wisdom from reflection.

  • Relish the moment: Enjoy the present fully and without reservation. I savor every moment.

  • Rejuvenate your spirit: Refresh and renew your inner self. I restore my energy and spirit regularly.

  • Reinforce your strengths: Build upon your existing talents and abilities. I am confident in my strengths.


S - Savour life’s sweetness, Strive for excellence, Share your journey, Seek inner harmony, Shine your light, Sow seeds of kindness, Stand tall in adversity, Savour life’s sweetness, , Share your journey, Seek inner harmony, Shine your light, Sow seeds of kindness, Stand tall in adversity

  • Savour life’s sweetness: Appreciate the joys and pleasures life offers. I delight in the sweetness of life.

  • Share your journey: Let others be a part of your life’s adventure. I am open and inclusive in my journey.

  • Seek inner harmony: Find balance and peace within yourself. I am in harmony with my inner self.

  • Shine your light: Be a source of positivity and inspiration. I illuminate the world with my presence.

  • Sow seeds of kindness: Perform acts of kindness wherever you go. My kindness creates a ripple effect.

  • Stand tall in adversity: Maintain your composure and dignity during tough times. I am resilient and strong.


T - Treasure every moment, Trust in your journey, Thrive in diversity, Teach with love, Tread lightly on Earth, Transcend limitations, Tackle challenges head-on, Tune into your intuition, Take heart, Triumph over adversity, Transform with grace

  • Treasure every moment: Cherish the present as a precious gift. I value every second of my life.

  • Trust in your journey: Have faith in the path you’re on. I trust the process of my life.

  • Thrive in diversity: Celebrate and grow from the differences around you. I flourish in a world of diversity.

  • Teach with love: Share knowledge with kindness and compassion. I impart wisdom with a loving heart.

  • Tread lightly on Earth: Live sustainably and respect our planet. I am mindful of my ecological footprint.

  • Transcend limitations: Go beyond what you thought was possible. I am limitless in my potential.

  • Tackle challenges head-on: Face difficulties with courage and resolve. I confront my challenges with bravery.

  • Tune into your intuition: Listen to your inner guidance. My intuition leads me to truth.

  • Take heart: Be encouraged, even in tough times. I am filled with courage and hope.

  • Triumph over adversity: Emerge victorious from trials. I am a conqueror of my circumstances.

  • Transform with grace: Embrace change with elegance and poise. I evolve beautifully and effortlessly.


U - Unleash your creativity, Uplift others, Unite in purpose, Understand deeply, Utilize your talents, Unveil your dreams, Upend the status quo, Uphold your values, Unwind and relax, Unlock new potentials, Uncover hidden strengths

  • Unleash your creativity: Let your imagination run wild. I express my creativity freely.

  • Uplift others: Raise the spirits of those around you. I am an encourager and a positive force.

  • Unite in purpose: Join with others to achieve common goals. Together, we achieve more.

  • Understand deeply: Seek to comprehend beyond the surface. I seek deep understanding in all things.

  • Utilize your talents: Put your skills to good use. I make the most of my abilities.

  • Unveil your dreams: Reveal and pursue your deepest aspirations. I boldly pursue my dreams.

  • Upend the status quo: Challenge what’s considered normal. I am an agent of change.

  • Uphold your values: Stand firm in your beliefs. My values guide my actions.

  • Unwind and relax: Give yourself permission to rest. I find peace in relaxation.

  • Unlock new potentials: Discover abilities you didn’t know you had. I am discovering more about myself every day.

  • Uncover hidden strengths: Find power in places you didn’t expect. I have strength within me yet to be revealed.


V - Value your uniqueness, Venture with courage, Visualize success, Validate others, Voice your opinions, Volunteer your time, Vanquish your doubts, Venerate nature, Venture with courage, Visualize success, Validate others, Voice your opinions, Volunteer your time, Vanquish your doubts, Venerate nature

  • Value your uniqueness: Appreciate what makes you special. I am proud of what makes me unique.

  • Venture with courage: Embark on new endeavors bravely. I face new adventures with courage.

  • Visualize success: Picture your achievements vividly. I see my success clearly in my mind’s eye.

  • Validate others: Acknowledge and affirm those around you. I recognize the worth in everyone.

  • Voice your opinions: Speak up and let your thoughts be heard. My voice matters.

  • Volunteer your time: Give generously of yourself to causes you care about. I give my time to help others.

  • Vanquish your doubts: Overcome uncertainty with confidence. I am confident in my decisions.

  • Venerate nature: Honor and respect the natural world. I hold nature in deep reverence.


W - Welcome new beginnings, Work with passion, Walk with confidence, Wish upon stars, Weave dreams into reality, Win with grace, Wander and explore, Wake with determination, Warm hearts with kindness, Weather storms with courage, Wrap the world in love

  • Welcome new beginnings: Embrace fresh starts with open arms. I am ready for new chapters in my life.

  • Work with passion: Put your heart and soul into your endeavors. I am passionate about my work.

  • Walk with confidence: Move through life with self-assuredness. I walk through life confidently.

  • Wish upon stars: Let your hopes soar to the skies. I send my wishes to the stars.

  • Weave dreams into reality: Turn your aspirations into actuality. I craft my dreams into my reality.

  • Win with grace: Celebrate victories with humility and elegance. I am gracious in my successes.

  • Wander and explore: Discover the world and its myriad wonders. I am an explorer at heart.

  • Wake with determination: Start each day with a resolved spirit. I am determined to make each day count.

  • Warm hearts with kindness: Offer gentleness and care to others. My kindness warms the coldest days.

  • Weather storms with courage: Stand strong in the face of adversity. I am courageous in all weather.

  • Wrap the world in love: Envelop everything around you with affection. I spread love everywhere I go.


X - eXpand your horizons, eXude positivity, eXercise compassion, eXamine your beliefs, eXpress yourself freely, eXperience joy, eXcel in your pursuits, eXemplify strength, eXpect greatness, eXhale doubts, eXcite with ideas

  • eXpand your horizons: Broaden your perspective and try new things. I am always expanding my view.

  • eXude positivity: Radiate good vibes and optimism. I am a source of positive energy.

  • eXercise compassion: Practice understanding and empathy regularly. I live my life with compassion.

  • eXamine your beliefs: Reflect on and affirm your core values. I regularly reflect on what I believe.

  • eXpress yourself freely: Share your thoughts and feelings without restraint. I communicate openly and honestly.

  • eXperience joy: Delight in the happiness life brings. I embrace the joy in every experience.

  • eXcel in your pursuits: Achieve excellence in your endeavors. I strive for excellence in all I do.

  • eXemplify strength: Be a model of resilience and fortitude. I am an example of strength.

  • eXpect greatness: Anticipate the best in yourself and others. I expect and achieve greatness.

  • eXhale doubts: Release uncertainties and breathe in confidence. I let go of doubt and breathe in belief.

  • eXcite with ideas: Inspire others with your innovative thoughts. My ideas spark excitement and inspiration.


Y - Yearn for growth, Yield to love, Yoke together in unity, Yell out in triumph, Yawn away tiredness, Yearn for growth, Yield to love, Yoke together in unity, Yell out in triumph, Yawn away tiredness

  • Yearn for growth: Desire personal development and learning. I have a deep desire to grow and improve.

  • Yield to love: Surrender to the powerful emotions of affection and care. I open my heart to love.

  • Yoke together in unity: Bind together with others in solidarity and support. I unite with others for a common purpose.

  • Yell out in triumph: Shout with joy at your victories and successes. I celebrate my victories loudly and proudly.

  • Yawn away tiredness: Let go of fatigue and refresh your energy. I rest and rejuvenate when needed.


Z - Zoom in on goals, Zealously pursue passions, Zest for life, Zigzag through obstacles, Zero in on happiness, Zoom in on goals, Zealously pursue passions, Zest for life, Zigzag through obstacles, Zero in on happiness

  • Zoom in on goals: Focus intently on your objectives. I am focused on achieving my goals.

  • Zealously pursue passions: Chase after what you love with fervor. I passionately pursue what I love.

  • Zest for life: Live with enthusiasm and eagerness. I live my life with zest and zeal.

  • Zigzag through obstacles: Navigate challenges with agility and skill. I skillfully overcome any obstacle.

  • Zero in on happiness: Direct your attention to what brings you joy. I focus on what makes me happy.


This lexicon serves as a guide to inspire and uplift, providing phrases that resonate with empowerment, positivity, and the spirit of siSTARhood. Each phrase comes with an affirmation to reinforce the message and encourage each of my siSTARS to live their best, most joyful lives. May these words empower you to embrace your unique journey with passion and confidence. 

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