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Kintsugi Meditations 

*Disclaimer: Kintsugi Woman guided meditations are a work of imagination and inspiration. They are not a substitute for professional advice or therapy. If you need support, seek guidance from a qualified practitioner.


Welcome to the tranquil sanctuary of Kintsugi Meditation, where the journey of self-love and discovery with whispers of feminine wisdom. This sacred space is where the Kintsugi Woman spirit is guided by passion and the transformative power of meditation.

Self-Love Discovery Meditations 

Connect with meditations that nurture the seeds of self-love, blossoming into a garden of self-compassion. Embrace self with kindness and grace.

Chrysalis Journey Transformation Meditations 

This is your transformative chrysalis journey, where each meditation is a moment closer to the be.YOU.tiful transformation within. These practices guide you through the stages of personal growth, from introspection to the your true self.

Feminine Ethereal Wisdom Meditations 

 Connect with your feminine ethereal wisdom. These meditations draw upon the deep well of intuitive knowledge, empowering you to weave your experiences into a tapestry of your spiritual knowing within.

Let the Kintsugi Meditation webpage be your compass on this voyage of inner transformation, where each breath is a call to the soul, and every moment of stillness is a step towards the ethereal. 

Kintsugi Woman's Meditations

Guided by Passion & Spirit

If passion and spirit are speaking to you, are you listening? Are you honouring your gifts, aligning yourself with your true purpose, and...

Receive Believe Meditation

Welcome, Diva, to your meditation practice. Focus on the image of a tree reaching to spirit, mine is a birch tree, we are receiving...

Spiritual Warrior Meditation

Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit or lie down. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Imagine that you are surrounded by a...

Garden Solitude Diva Video

Becoming, Evolving Me Video


Love from the Universe After Losing a Child

Affirmations from the Universe - I am always with you, and I love you unconditionally. - I am proud of you for being a strong and...

Shine Brighter Meditation

Today take a moment for yourself. Meditate in a mist of love, feel the warm sunlight surround you. Imagine walking under a mist of...

Let Go, Step Past the Past

Welcome to your mantra meditation about being connected to something bigger than your fear, past, and anger. Take a deep breath in and...

Secret Garden of Kintsugi Mediation

Close your eyes, dear Kintsugi Woman. Imagine a sun-kissed garden, a sanctuary where time dances slowly, and the air hums with whispers...

Kintsugi Cocoon of Self-Discovery Meditation

Ready to leave your chrysalis? Join Kalina in a meditation discovering the Kintsugi woman within

Breathe...Release Walking Meditation

Enjoy one of my favorite places, let's go for a walk. Take a moment to walk through a garden of peace and reflect with me.

Lavender Field, Kintsugi Within Resilient, Radiant, and Reborn Meditation

In the heart of every woman lies a secret garden, a sacred space where the soul blossoms like lavender in the spring. It’s a place of...

Be Still, Kintsugi Within Meditation

In the quiet stillness, I sit, a vessel once shattered, now whole. The golden seams of my being, a celebration of my resilience, a...

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