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Kintsugi Woman's' Journey

Each step of the way, I let go and started becoming the women I am today. From Kintsugi healing daughter, to a sabotage warrior to diva strong, and Kintsugi Woman. 

We keep turning the kaleidoscope of change with learning, growing, evolving and empowering for the next generation of women. We are all on this  journey of self discovery and if you are here walking beside me I honour you as my siSTAR of hope, love and change guided by passion and spirit. 



Imagine the stories that we could tell and the strength that we have inside to have lived through our story. Resting, reflecting, and praying for the power to be what we need to be for another day. 

Honouring all the amazing women and the journey you are on and have been on to make the life we have now. Creating a generation of blessed, creative, happy, healthy, empowered, independent woman. You are full of amazing, beautiful and awesome!


Stepping out of our comfort zone and into a place of intuitiveness expands our universe.

We begin to see things and feel things differently.

We let go of things we have held on for long and move on.

We remember how hard it was getting here and love he person we are now.

We smile and remember all of fear and anxiety we have released that kept us isolated and alone

We will fall down but each time we get up a little faster and smarter

We stand in a bolder more confident self that knows we are OK and realize our self worth

We shine and are ready to receive all that the universe has been waiting to give us

We are Sabotage Warriors!



Celebrating a woman's journey guided by her spirit and passion is a beautiful thing. It takes dedication, self-awareness, and perseverance to evolve from a kintsugi daughter to a sabotage warrior and finally to become Diva Strong. Along the way, it’s important to remember that healing is a process, and it can take time.


We are all Kintsugi women with our own unique experiences and scars. We have all faced challenges and overcome obstacles, and we are better for it.

Our scars are a reminder of our strength and resilience, and they have helped us to become the strong and confident women we are today. So let us embrace our scars, and let us continue to shine brighter, stronger, and bolder, guided by passion and spirit.

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