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Food Matters

Thinking about what I am accepting and asking myself questions about my prescriptions and is cancer not only preventable but a curable disease? I viewed Food Matters myself last year. Having watched it has made me re-examine some of my own choices again.

Cabinets are full of prescribed medicine, patients continually changing one medication for another with many side effects and people dying because of adverse drug reactions. Why are we not using higher doses of niacin for depression, Vitamin A for teenagers who are epileptic and Vitamin C to cure viral diseases? Only 6% of doctors have nutrition training, unacceptable.

Gearson Institute, are they miracle workers? Their practices are ahead of our time, yet for years they have been curing cancer. Increasing vitamin supplements, juicing and eating raw to prevent cancer? People as a last result or believing Gearson has found a cure are traveling to another country, nourished and healed by natural remedies. Amazing!

Day by day becoming more educated making better choices and teaching our children will become the norm. Prescriptions and chemo are only a bandage and not a cure. As our loved ones are diagnosed with chronic illnesses and cancer many will be questioning and looking for alternative choices including the health professionals. The conscious mind of people is waking up; step by step to a new era is self-empowerment.

I think I see the Rhino in the room too. Once we start asking questions, our mind really does keep asking more questions. Food matters.

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