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Stress Eating

Stress is a constant in all our lives, and the way we deal with it, I have found over the years has been a journey in itself. Having adverse effects on my body, it has made me feel out of control. Each day is different, not knowing what to expect from my physical body.

Migraines have over the years taken away many of my days. Unable to do the things I have wanted to do, missing days of work and time with my family; hiding away in a quiet, dark bedroom trying to sleep to relieve the pain. Eczema and rosacea also stress my body, with flair-ups that cause itching and burning sensations which has been very uncomfortable and embarrassing.

These stresses have over the years been the reason I sought medical doctors and have seen specialists. Medication and creams have been the main prescription for more than a decade, with the advice that if I changed my diet or lifestyle I may have some relief.

Over the last year I have been eating a healthier diet and drinking less alcohol, caffeine; dairy and drinking more water which seems to help me. Each of us has our own triggers and I find for myself by not eating food that contains M.S.G., aspartame and avoiding cold cuts has helped me.

Taking proactive steps to prevent the pain is working for me when I do what I know is best. Unfortunately, I still have days of flare-ups with my migraines and rosacea. This past year has been better and I am using less medication.

Educating myself and changing little things gives me more power over my life, helping me to be healthier and stronger.

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