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Wasting in Nothingness

Days I have wasted in nothingness Thinking there was so much time yet Yet to do the things I thought I would do Yet is here and has gone those things are left in a haze Words, I could have said People, I could have helped Hellos, I could have smiled Time has escaped me Lost in the maze of life

Unable to find myself

I thought things would change

I thought I would be happy

That there would be a chance for us to grow But all the fighting the distaste in our relationship Has brought us to this place of nothing

No feelings, no needs, no wants, just a stone cold, unavailable, untouchable

The wall that we have created between ourselves

One we built around each other and ourselves

Were do we go? How do we get out?

Are there any answers, any prayers yet to be answered?

Blaming, judging, hurting, manipulating have built strong walls that need to be blast down

Can we rebuild and start over or is this over?

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