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Blue Box of Life

Blue Box of My Life

Tossed old memories

Anger fuming and waiting

Broken promises we could not keep

Heartache everywhere

Fear hiding alone

Misfortune that was painful

Pain that we can no longer bare

Tears collected and stored

We don’t want to remember

Recycling I go in prayer

Chiming in to my own needs

Collecting wise words

Deflating the anger and pain

Friends supporting and listening

Gathering affirmations that comfort me

Letting go of lies that bound me

Organizing boundaries and limitations

Packaging joy of the memories

Recognizing that this is a process

Recycling my mind, heart and soul uniquely to me

Restoring my life with self-care

Surrounded with family who care

Sorting thru happenstances not questioning

Tying up loose ends that need to be dealt with

Wrapping my soul with forgiveness

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