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Gastric By-Pass

Gastric bypass many people have thought this is the answer; as a last resort for many have been given hope. Every once in a while I hear a story of how it has changed lives dramatically. Personally, I know 3 people who have the surgery done in the last five years as diabetics & other health conditions were a concern & their GP suggested they have they have the procedure done. All were successful at losing weight the first year while one changed her lifestyle and lost over 100 lbs. The other 2 individuals have lost weight but not to that extent as the first as they have a more sedentary lifestyle while struggling with yo-yo dieting & binge eating. Personally enjoying savory, spicy meals I eat mainly from the five-fold food grouping of grains, legumes, vegetables, B12 and raw foods as eating a variety of vegetarian & Indian dishes.

In the beginning I expected to lose weight from not eating as much meat but have found that I am eating more carbs with lentils, rice & roti. My granddaughters are not as fond of this so I have to be creative making soups & adding them into casseroles using tofu & paneer as substitutes mixing them half & half with cheese I find they don’t notice. Struggling personally with weight issues not that physically active helps me find out the amounts of calories, carbs, fibre protein & sodium etc. The online community is there for me to connect with a forum to answer questions, calculator tools & for support as many of us have no one to talk to about this as we eat out of boredom, frustration, celebration & when socializing; trying to make sense out of why this has been such a challenge. I know that being overweight is more than a weight issue & realize that this has to be a lifestyle change not a diet. The 3 individuals no longer take diabetic medication as they are working hard at maintaining the weight they have lost. With more tools, communities & coaches to support people with eating disorders, finding encouragement being accountable to another person instead of feeling judged. Individual will find answers of why they are eating & craving certain comfort foods continuing to learn more about our mind-body connection

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