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Passive Health Care Consumer

Until I was 45 I very seldom went to the doctors except for regular checkups and with my children. Then I got the shingles, severe migraines, hearing loss, depressed and diagnosed with fibromyalgia and on a disability so I started seeing many doctors on regular basis. Frequent prescriptions caused side effects and kept me sleepy, gained weight and lost control of my sense of any kind of health. This has been going on for over 10 years as I was a passive health care consumer listening to the doctor and following their lead.

Over the last two years I have challenged the doctor with questions and even stopped some medications. Finding alternative modes of healing like heated pools, tapping, meditation and a support network are empowering me as I am taking a more active role in my own health choices as an active health care consumer. Physically there is not as much of a change as I would like but mentally I feel awake in charge. Being more active in my own health care and using alternative modes of healing is my choice and I am getting better at it.

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