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Catch 22

The reflection of the woman I am today as many woman is different than their college day self. The flabby arms, muffin top, double chin and clothes that look something from your mothers’ closet affect their body image and their appearance of them has betrayed them; seeing ourselves as fat and unattractive. Feeling shameful for not taking care of ourselves while asking ourselves if we are lazy or if our husbands love us?

Women want the independence, their own money and to contribute to their families; sacrificing relationships and quality time for money and work while trying to be superwomen. Women, who enjoy their careers, may feel shame about their choices. It’s like a catch22 situation, freedom and money or time with family.

As the population is aging many women have been dealing with more mental and physical health issues and it is changing their lives and those we love. As things change, many are depressed feeling as though we have failed and given up on ourselves and see no solutions and lose hope. The stigmatism, isolation and shame we carry are no doubt a slippery slope that women challenge. Thank God for Crystal and the S.W.A.T Institute.

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