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My Personality Traits

Agreeable, Conscientiousness, Openness are the prominent of the Big Five traits that feel familiar and safe to be. I can see the personalities of actually all of them in me through different expressions of myself, through life.

Good at giving of myself, trusting, communicating, relationship-oriented and being authentic to myself is very important to me. I am believing in alignment with all that is ahead of me and accepting the changes. As I have held onto limiting belief, anxiety, depression and chosen to be what I have been told I was. Reflecting the sensitive, kindness, trusting and following my ingenious passion and purpose while accepting the flow of who I am as I evolve and become the woman I need to be.

Feeling as though I have given much of myself and craved to be a stronger individual, more animated like some of my siblings and sure of who I could be. Now as I set my intention and shifting from the barriers that kept myself captive is a process and mindset as I evolve and honour who I am now, stepping into the best version of myself.

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