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Filter Queen of MY Life

A woman from Filter Queen visited our place telling me that the product was superior to others and something I needed. She went on to demonstrate that even after I vacuumed with my vacuum I would get dirt with hers as it had better suction; while showing me a picture of a dust mite.

When I told her I needed to talk to my husband she said I was the mother of an infant and it was me that needed to make this decision for the baby and our home to be a cleaner, healthier environment. Well she wouldn’t leave and called one of her associates in who further influenced me that this was really what we needed.

Now looking back I wouldn’t have let them in the house and said I wasn’t interested. Many years of my husband’s sly remarks still remind me after the expensive vacuum is gone of how I was persuaded to do something under duress. Many telemarketing calls have given me a firm “We are not interested, thank you. Goodbye” more than my husband who tries to explain that we don’t need something and listens to their pitch.

Now I am the Filter Queen of my life, my choices and each day that filter is getting clearer!

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