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LIFE Coaching in the Real World

The virtual world of life coaching with Skype, teleconferences and webinars have become the norm for many as they reach out to the world of it clients.

There are many who still prefer the conventional doctor-patient appointments. Critics may suggest that the new cultures of coaching and online community are not as specialized or qualified as meeting face to face with a therapist who may be thousands of miles away. Coaching may be expensive and not covered by insurance. Patients may not be ready to deal with their emotions or work on themselves mentally or physically and need the professional help of a psychiatrist with medication and with need regular visits of doctors who see them to make diagnosis.

Many people now prefer the convenience and instant access to their coach as long as they have a phone or laptop. Many people have become bolder, empowered, improved their career opportunities, finances and personal relationships while working on personal goals and having someone to be accountable to as they integrate a life coach into their life.

Those who have tried the conventional methods for years with prescriptions may now be reaching out to try different modalities while resolving these conflicts. Coaches develop relationships challenge, support and help their clients work through specific goals while getting the results they need. Through homework, feedback and standing in the gap they help their clients work on specific areas of their life as they find clarity, heal, regain control of their life and find a sense of well-being. Actively taking a role in our own mental and physical well-being and having choices, tools and prescription free is what I personally choose and believe many will in the future as they use the services of a life coach

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