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Holding ON?

Holding onto a relationship out of love and commitment to each other is what my 30 years of marriage has been. There have been many times we have argued and hurt each other. I was divorced when I was only 21 after a short 3 year marriage and so now hold on sometime wondering if it’s the right thing.

Many marriages do last because of true love and happiness. In many cases I believe we are comfortable or fearful of what the alternative may look like and the idea of starting over is scary. Divorces rates are high and many may choose not to even marry anymore. Communication, commitment and trust are huge issues for couples and as women become stronger and more independent they have more choices.

Many baby boomers are tired of holding on to unsatisfying relationships where they have been pretending or trying for years to make things work are letting go. Realizing that being alone and happy may be more important than struggling and unhappy. I believe that both partners really have to communicate, support, renew and work on the relationship daily if you really want to make the relationship thrive and genuinely be happy.

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