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Lonely and Isolating?

Are you lonely and isolating? I would suggest you joining a women’s church group or small support group where you would be able to share your experience of loss, sadness and dealing with others who are dealing similar issues. What type of things are you interested in? Joining a gym, going to the library, going for a walk or joining toastmasters and just getting out around people to start with may be a way of slowly integrating with other while increasing your sense of confidence and community.

Do you feel lonely while being with your spouse or family and asking questions about your relationships? I recommend working through issues with a coach or someone you can trust. Have you thought about the benefit by getting involved in assertiveness and social skills training? It may help you initiate conversations with others. Also, I would advise you to keep a journal to help you reflect.

I myself have gone thru this loneliness and isolated for years because of my health and know that this takes time. Finding a support group, reconnecting with some old friends and volunteering have helped me.

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