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Special Embrace

Sex in our family was not discussed other than we knew it was to be in a responsibility in marriage and if outside of that it was a sin, not something enjoyed. As many of us were abused when we were young and hid it from our parents as it was by family and friends we felt shame and fear, that later led to promiscuity and life of self- loathing, anger and pain. In high school we had a class or discussing basic sex. Mom had eight of us so we knew the consequences.

I have taught my children to be careful and not let them stay at other people’s houses. As they have gotten older they have their own lives and see it on TV continually and I talk to my daughter more than with my son about sex and relationships. With my granddaughter we are letting here know it is given and an expression of love between 2 people and should be in a marriage relationship. She is 9, learning about a “special embrace” at school and we have talked to her about gay and lesbian relationships. She is much more comfortable with her body and not afraid to ask questions.

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