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Nourishment to Flourish

Being completely honest about food and the emotional connection I realize that good health habits are contagious and affect everyone around me. Coming from a large family of ten who are all over 50 we can see the impact of our early eating habits. Emotionally we eat when we are upset, entertaining and overeating at events. Now as a grandmother I very seldom bake and do not put out a spread like my grandmother did. I enjoy the company, go for walks it is not all about food.

Many women don’t realize the relationship between their emotional pain and their food to help numb their emotions. When I am bored or upset and not paying attention to the reason I am eating but know I am comforted, most of the time I can curb my appetite by finding another activity that is healthier alternatives, feel my feelings and maybe journal instead of eating.

Nourishment is not just the food that I put in my mouth. The company and happy time spent make a difference when I am not anxious or upset, maybe drinking water, nibbling and just visiting until I get home is a better choice.

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