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The intuition of the “MindBody” to self and the intuitive connection to each other is our healer. The body and the mind work harmoniously together. Disease starts with our thoughts and feelings the mental distress causes disease.

Our innate intelligence of things that like a thought when we are second guessing but know it to be true is our “MindBody” our healer. We need to learn to listen to the way we feel and not look to doctors; prescriptions and others when we know what we are feeling are telling us. Deep inside we know when we are not happy and hold onto things we should be letting go of. That inability to release causes sickness as we hold onto it deep within our body.

Becoming more in tune with our knowing and listening to our core desire feelings, acknowledging them and becoming our own healer of the self; healing. Many of us listen to what we have been trained to hear and believe the learned ideas that have for generation after generation been given to our mothers and grandmothers.

I have the power and the ability to heal by listening to my “MindBody" connection.

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