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Self-Proclaiming Declaration

Life has constantly been a roller coaster of events as I rise and fall. Looking at myself with love and gratitude for all I have I see the many good things about me that I have come to like about myself. The strong woman who has walked thru the other side of depression, anxiety and trauma is now 56 and at her greatest. I am creative, confident and bold. I am doing things that make me happy like going for walks, spending time with my friends, puttering in the garden and enjoying my grandchildren.

I have come to be my best friend, learning to say no and feeling in control of my life as I never have. Making better health choices and taking responsibility for life and my happiness. There will be times I may fall back into the old self but with the tools and support of family and friends. I feel as though I have broken thru the cocoon and beginning a new life full of passion and looking for the moments of bliss. Transformation is freeing, loving and only comes if we are ready. I am ready!

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