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Layer by Layer Evolving as Women

Making a difference in our own life or that of others is really what we are here for. Creating peace, love, joy a sense of belonging, trusted and knowing that we have a purpose is what we are all searching for.

Creating a reason to get out of bed for ourselves or someone else is my goal. Searching inwardly, thankful for all I have and ready to give back to the community of women who are ready to walk alongside me on a path of awakening following our GPS (guided passionate self).

Layer by layer we are women evolving discovering the self, realizing our own creativity desire, potential and moving forward into the unknown but present knowing we have the choice to be who we need and want to be.

Let's connect, join our Women's GPS community


Blessings are MINE <3

The energy, encouragement and empowerment that we feel, breathe and receive are healing. We are all at different stages and still able to help each other just by being ourselves and being present. I invite you to be part of this era of consciousness and contribute your gifts, talents wisdom, to celebrate our strengths. Join our Facebook Community at

As mothers, wives, daughters, sisters we become global virtual women’s ambassadors. Let me know what you think.

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