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Begin Again and SHINE ⭐⭐⭐

My women's GPS is a stong fierce loving machine that guides me, protects me and intuitively helps me.

As a grandmother I am keenly aware of that small voice inside of me that has kept me from doing things because of fear of tbe unknown or worried what others may think.

As a daughter I picked up on the insecurities my mother had. For years I share many of the limiting beliefs but my GPS was curious, stubborn and always questioning. Now I see my grandaughters so much bolder and smarter then I was at their age and I am in AWE; as I'm sure my mother was of me.

We are were we are, because of the choices we made and we did what we felt we needed to do. Sometimes I think I have wasted so much time but I was not ready. I am ready now for what this day brings and if I'm not it may take a bit longer then others. I have to push myself harder to step out of fear and into the opportunities life is giving me!!!

I thank God for my mothers' love and for my granddaughters' spark. Most of all I thank God for the many do-overs, hope and my boldness to believe in myself at this stage of my life to begin again and SHINE ⭐⭐⭐

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