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Mind, body and spirit cleansed of overindulgence and becoming the highest version of my self is my goal. I have experienced losing my appetite and know the feeling when eating when distressed and see in my grandchildren when upset. Eating meals while in a positive happy mood and not with people who make us upset or uncomfortable creates chemicals in our body and affects how we digest our food; eating less while drinking water in these situations would be healthier. Cleansing toxins, stress and judgement in my life are priorities for me as I am aging.

Eating less and only until we are 80% full like the people in Okinawa may be the secret to living a healthier and longer life. Binging and overeating as I have in the past has left me feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Experimenting with this myself has left me feel more in control and happier. Making it a regular habit while eating alkaline foods and more water keep me feeling more balanced and nourished. Being active, mentally aware and free of chronic diseases as I age is what I want and need to spend quality life as a senior.

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