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Summit of Love

Summit of love, where none are judged

All have fallen, many afraid of getting up

We have to look inward and follow our dreams

Do not hesitate and listen to others defeat

I could not be a puppet, I grew and rebelled

They tried to put me into a box, really a shell

No questions, no reasons, just follow their lead

I was a person who asked why and could not believe

That is the way things are done, do not think for yourself

Learn from our mistakes, it cannot be undone

Running away from them and lost to this world

The world of black and white, was so unfair

Everyone has fallen, some still hidden in shame

The faith that had held me and has guided me here

Once a burden I did not want to hear

It had to many rules, and judged me so cruel

I spiraled out of control, alone and confused

Spheres of me, the dimensions I see

Alive with emotions, divided and silent The masks I wear, hiding what is real

Tearing it off I would expose the real me

You have walked these steps; you hide behind this mask,

You are my mother, sister, daughter and friend

Rebirth, renewed we have woken up

With these baby steps we can try again

Faith, with arms open wide

Live in belief, we all walk together what a relief

It is not all black and white; we are not in a box

We are healing and walking in love

The scars and memories may still pass us by

But the strength we share while lifting each other up high

Fellowship of love, sisterhood beloved walking in love


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