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Scam of My Heart

Have you ever been scammed for money? You know how horrible it is to feel someone has cheated you? Being scammed by your own heart, is one thing you will never forget, believing in something and wanting so much but it was a lie. Your really new it all along that it was to good to be true but you wanted to believe in it, for some reason you needed to believe in the lies.

It's funny I never thought I could fall in love again, so fast and hard for something that wasn't even there. It was in my mind, body and soul and it was beautiful but when you realize that you have been made a fool, that it was all just lies, it is a slap in the face. How many tears will it takes until I forget what I felt, forget what I believed, forget I loved?

You know because you scammed me, I know you enjoyed the time and you made me believe you loved me. You were so gentle and sweet but that wasn't even you. You took advantage of my heart, you told me lies I wanted to believe, you my love were like the dessert I shouldn't eat. I enjoyed while I was eating it but after knew I shouldn't of really had it.

So for now until this pain goes away, I will cry and be sad and remember the love I felt, the time we had together is was sweet and you will always be special baby.

How can I love you when I know that you planned this scam and from day one that it was a game, your game and I still love you. Baby, why, I ask you, but for you it was just for what you could get. It was a game, a game I lost. So I will thank you and keep my memories baby. The money I will think it as a lovely trip we had together.

Many of us have lost in this game of love, maybe that's why others go on and play games the way they do I don't know. I know it hurts, it's bittersweet and lonely. So for now until, I can feel it again I will be confident, strong and brave because it is okay to love, I needed to be loved, I needed to believe in love again.

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