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Whispers of a Dream

The whispers of my dreams are getting louder

Step by step I am walking into this future

I am finally able to breathe

I am at peace

I am here and ready to shine

Life is funny, I am constantly questioning,

I do not find the answers so I question again

I feel lost and found at the same time

I am laughing and crying unable to think

This craziness, this illusion of happiness is a lie

The loss, tears and wasted time is a ghost

Invisible and unspeakable, I am silent

Void and invisible I feel empty

Yes I know I am stronger than I was yesterday

Today I will smile at myself

I will the woman that is searching

She has grown so much with each experience

The wrinkles of wisdom show in my eyes

My wounded self still shines through

What do I want my life to look like?

I let go of the guilt, fear and SHINE

Each of us has a dark night of the soul

Maybe a few

Each one makes us stronger Finding our vulnerabilities

Silently we shine

Waking up I wake up excited

I shine a little bit brighter each day

The wisdom of my years helps me bounce back

I have fallen but I am back stronger

I am stronger

I make peace with what was

I let go and receive all my soul needs


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