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Reconnecting to Souls Purpose

Another year is around the corner and I thank God for all I have been given. A family of love and acceptance, children and granddaughters I adore and friends that have been part of my journey. Each new day I have the opportunity to be more creative, use my voice and heart to draw in and receive all that the universe is restoring to me. We are each only given an allotted time to be who we are suppose to be some of us take longer to listen to those whispers crying out to us. We don't know what great plan God has for our lives it may just be the small things in live like a post that makes someone smile and say yes, I understand. I have gone through that. I know how they are feeling. Thank you Lord for letting me pass through that storm in my live and reconnecting with my souls purpose. Guide me and help me to be a little stronger today, bolder and more courageous.

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