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Each of us is being guided by our thoughts moment by moment. Who gave you those thoughts? Do you really believe them or have they been drilled into you so often that you just live your life on automatic pilot listening to the GPS in your brain; or are you being guided by your passionate self? Empowering women and reaching out globally in our virtual world. Healing one thought at a time. Remembering who we are and shining a little brighter every day. We may have days we dim our light but we always come back stronger and brighter when we SHINE! #SHINEbrightbaby #wgps

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Juneteenth Reflection on Healing and Empowerment

Happy Juneteenth Day everyone. Today is Juneteenth, remembering the moment in history that signifies freedom and the end of slavery, To my Kintsugi sistars we see the reflection of our paths of self-d

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