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Memories and Moments

Life is full of memories and moments that brought us to where we are today. Those before me that gave me the love and support, had the courage and strength to go through what they needed to do to survive. We are all#sabotagewarriors leaving a #legacyoflove Today when you think of those you love, wrap them in your loving, healing energy, surround them with joy. Your stories, lessons, and love will SHINE through them for generations.

My collage above has many of black and white favorites of my grandparents and family as a child. I love my photos, I am always taking them and now with my grandchildren they will have a bit of me with them when I am no longer in this spirit with them. So each time they hide their faces, and squirm when I get my camera out, I hope they will smile as an adult and say thank you Grandma for the memories.

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