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New Years. New opportunities to begin again. Starting over can be scary and exciting. Are you ready? I am 🙏😊💜 Reflect on what life has brought you this far. Is this where you want to be? What do you want? What is important to you? Creating a safe space and healthy boundries for yourself, has been a process. The Universe has been waiting for us to receive. Receive 💜 Step back if you need to reflect and watch your world expand. Allow the blessings to flow though you. Focus on yourself on the positive energy that connects you to the Divine. 🙏 Process, examine then move forward. Reach out if you need help. The critical conversation you have with yourself needs to be honest. This is a process, we are not perfect. We have made mistakes, lots of mistakes if thats what you want to call them. I believe we are growing, pull the bandage off. Emotionally we need to heal and air the experience, communicate what we need. This year is opening our hearts, our minds and going to bring about challenges. Set your intentions. Be bold, creative, deliberate, passionate and SHINE🌟 #kalinab💜 #womensgps #sabotagewarrior

My beliefs, create my experiences. As I open my mind send out my intentions to the universe, it listens and in God's time I am blessed, and connected with my desires. #kalinaaffirms

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