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Begin Again

Where will you be tomorrow? The dice is thrown and you have a split second to believe in yourself. It has been your dream to win, you have given every thing for your dream, you have died and life as a fragment of yourself with the roll of a dice. You may be a player or the one who is taking the best from others

You may be rich and dying inside because you know tomorrow that may be you

You may be healthy and tomorrow you die

You may be laughing and exploding with tears

You may be shining and feel as though you are dirt

It is a matter of attitude, reactions and prospective. What are you going to do today? Will you let the dust in your life wipe out this manifested dream that is waiting for you? Will you let the lies of others cheat you, and destroy you?

You have to throw the dice of life and be ready for the loss, the anguish the letting go of yesterday and tomorrow and begin again.

Tomorrow life has laughs, joy and new dreams

Life has promises that we only have to ask for and receive

Life is beautiful and always changing

You are amazing, confident and ready. Begin, if you need to recharge, RECHARGE and begin again.

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