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How many of you read autobiogrphy?

Your life has so many more questionmarks? You have lost out on the opportunities, to begin again.

Life is like this comfy couch

We get up when the show is over

We wake up when we need to go the washroom

We let go and listen to the voices in our head

We give our freedom, our knowing, our life for you

I write, I leave a moment of me to you, I am invisible

One day my loves will find me

One day the solar will escape and know I am the ONE

One day I will be all that I need to SHINE

Shinning, is a character

Shinning is a love

Shinning is a hug of hope

Shinning is all I need

Life drizzles, faints and wakes up

Life brings on a new light that is ready

Are you ready?

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