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the Shadow of YOU is ME

Life has a funny way of repeating itself through our DNA. In the smile, gestures and looks of each other. But the shadows of my mother coarse through the very cell of me. It vibrates and lives as me as her.

This knowing, loving and life of scars has long been my tattoo of life. I have worn it, cursed it and reveled in its beauty. I am beautiful, educated and smart, those who laughed and took advantage of me are just a wisp of me. I no longer fear them, I will always remember, maybe hate but I have conquered. I am a #sabotagewarrior. I have won my prize, I have become a beautiful, healthy, witty, woman. Those who only see wrinkles, lines and a body that dims youth lie. They scream, laugh then ponder was I right? One day I will have those wrinkles and line, one day my body will dim the youth. Will I be any less? Will I be invisible to the world?

Each moment of fear, lies and rape of my soul have melted away into a pot of knowing, loving and maturing into ME. ME is beautiful, ME is smart, ME is all I need to BE!!! I may not have hips or looks of the youth but I am beautiful, I love myself, I am strong, I am ENOUGH

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