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Each of our souls is evolving and expanding to our true self

The light and darkness in each of us is echoing, whispering, crying then finally shouting with our minds, health and death finally of self Holding onto a shadow of who we really are We are only a prism of the self Hues of who we really are ready to blossom like a rose Are you ready Enjoy this journey You are beautiful, The thorns in your life have held you back As you feel each part of you opening to the sunshine Then the petals begin to fall You become stonger, your roots deeper A new season is about to begin Time to rest, reflect and get ready Water and nurture your soul Begin again Self is more vibrant, Feel and drink in the rain Washing over you, Trickling, tingling down to those roots The fragrant love of the Universe Flowing over you Filling you up with gratitude You are in full bloom Open and ready to receive All of God's abundance waiting for you to receive A new experience Receive ..kalinabains #womensgps #sabotagewarrior

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