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My younger life in black and white snapshots. I had 3 sets of grandparents who I loved and are prisms of who I am. Each vibration of love flows through me still as a grandmother I can feel their love. Making memories, sharing our stories and feeling connected, #belonging #prismsofme As a daughter, sister, niece, cousin, mother, aunt, grandmother, woman it has been a journey of tears, love, and questions. Each version of me has reached into the other for answers and grabbed a part of me that it needed to walk along this path. Each of you is reflections of me. I am a prism of you. I love you, we are creating a #legacyoflove together. Thank you. <3 Feel the streams of love glisten through you, reminding you how loved you are. SHINE brightly! I can feel your energy, love, essence that bursts silently into being. Your being is magnificent, brilliant and I look at awe as I see you are becoming your best self. The transparency of life is clouded and at times darkened by hues of uncertainty. We waiver and pause waiting for the new path wondering where it is we are to go, do, BE. Just BE and rest. Feel God's love and know how precious you are like a delicate flower or the roaring waves. Each of you is unique and beautiful all woven together in the autumn of my life.

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