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Enemy of Self

The lies, broken promises and years of hate. Hate for self, self that lied, broke promises and gave up on self. I was my worst self. I was my enemy. I fucked up, I died and their was a rebirth.

Trying to figure out what the rest of my life would look like. Invisible, numb and dead to the self exploded out of the mountain of lies.

Reading the fingerprint, chances, waling in the past, attitude and forgiving ourselves of everything is healing. fire in my heart, I am Sangria.

We will never leave the concert of life, it keeps banging, surprisingly with the instruments of our story. This well of lies in our lives are a like a bag of stones we carry around weighing us down. Throw it down, let go and affirm we are OK

I don't get it, I am shaking it, moving it, I feel my soul I am invincible, I am calling all the bullshit, I let go of the baggage, I am not the past. I am limitless. I let go of the bags of lies. I found my path. Imagine the pure joy,completely free. #kalinaaffirms

Guided , I am free, I tear, I remember the love. I am love.

Shake your bottie, the shit hole of my life is a rainbow of brokenness, blowjobs and destroyed dreams I am dead, I was dead. Options, crazy, roller coasters, death, colour blind lets go

Thank me, you are here, you have devoured the death, the lies and been detectable. You have been the eclipse of my cancer. I am fired, lost, broken,

I am an anus, I hate, I lust, I fuck myself and die. Forger

Where do I go, who do I become, I give you the Martini of my life. Call me the blowjobs of my life destroy and imitate the joy but the cancer in my life devoured, it is illegal. Wait. DEMAND IT

Half a second, I have no control, I pray, Lord, protect me

Locks on my door, I am safe, I am staked, I am crazy with the downtown of my ego. Lock it out,

Freek me out, Love me, I am protected, loved and a culprit of worthiness. I am worthy. There is only one chance for this life. I may be a cancer, a lie, death to a relationship the believed, I died, I fucked up, it was death to self, problems, bullshit and annoying and I wanted to fix it. I said what the fuck is wrong. Why am I so fucked up, Why am I so broken, Why am I a loser. Why?

The hunches, the flying colours of YES, come back and fuck me. Love ME. The boogie man of life is scary it demands what we want. SHOWER.



put my life out there, I am transparent, I am unperfect but I am real, I am not competing, I am the ace in the hole. I am in it to win in. SWIFER my life, care, love me. Reach for the light

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