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It just takes a moment to make a choice we either regret or do what is right.

What about when we feel hurt or unsure of ourselves? We choose to do something that is totally out of character and feel sick the moment it is done. We all fail, we all do things, say things we wish we we wouldn't off. It is a process. We get off one journey to start the next. Where ever our day has brought us to, you we will survive. We start again. Humble ourselves, apologize and remind ourselves what we have. Relationships with ourselves and others especially those we love are challenging.🤗 Love yourself know that we may need to start over, make some changes. Communication, trust and honesty with ourselves and others are weaving together the tapestry of our lives. It is beautiful. It may be pulled apart and frayed yet it is our masterpiece; our life. #sabotagewarrior #legacyoflove #healingdaughters

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