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Attention M.P.P Catherine Fife

As you fight for #Bill153

Until death do you part

I feel for every family out there that is going through this. This is terrible. Can you imagine growing to be the fine young man your mother always knew you would be? To choose a bride and have a family of 10. To hold your marriage sacred and true for 64 years. Or to be that bride who took the oath to love the one that she bared his children and keeps her promise to Love him in sickness and in health until death do we part.

Imagine this as this is becoming a dream for our seniors, The reality is true we are finding more and more families broken by this story.

My Father Lincoln Bauman 90 years old, a surviving veteran of the Korean war. Living in Kitchener, at the Millwood manor, while my mother Margaret Bauman sits in The Village at University Gates | Waterloo Retirement Home.

This has been 7 months now. Not days or weeks but Months that my parents have waited to join each other, without a light at the end of there tunnel.

This has been hard, stressful while holding their emotions back as Dad slowly walks with his stroller when they must say goodbye again, and again to one another. Excepting papers of separation so that they can be supported by the locations of which they are in. This has played on my mother's mind as her oath meant something to her, and my father.

I pray we can get them together again before it is too late. So they can Live, Love, and Laugh, as they planned it to be Until Death, do they part. Love daughter 6 of 10 Wilma Martin

Email: | Fax: (519) 725-3667 MPP Catherine Fife In the Constituency: 100 Regina St. S., Suite 220. Waterloo, ON N2J 4P9 Phone: (519) 725-3477 | January 16th, 2020 Please get your letters written, the more personal letters they have at the office the better to make the bill go through. The letters will be used in February, each letter counts as a number so let us do this personally from each or I can write up one and you sign and send. We are doing this for more than ourselves it is for the next family also. She is waiting for our letters. They help her to get the bill through.

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