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Bill 153, Long-Term Care Homes Amendment (Till Death Do Us Part) Act.

Each of us have a story and the legacy of love we leave behind and it began with someone teaching us to take care of ourselves and others.

Today I am asking you to make a difference with #Bill153, M.P.P Catherine Fife you have an opportunity to unit not only my parents but those now and in the future who have been forced to live their last years alone. Forced out of circumstances my parents Margaret 81, and Lincoln Bauman 90, a Korean Veteran, have been for over 7 months pulled away from each other because of illness when they most need each other. The heartache and loneliness they have from not being together has broken their hearts and ours as we see their strong light that shone so brightly for 63 years together dimming out and we all are saddened. Mom and dad have given every thing they have to support and hold our family together. Each has given so much of themselves and now in their moments together we can see their tenderness, love and it breaks our hearts. The anguish,distress and sorrow we feel and see in them each time we visit them is emotionally, mentally and physically demoralizing them.

As the oldest of eight of Margaret and Lincolns' children, I have always had the door opened, felt loved and part of a family. They have instilled a knowing of belonging, making a difference for each of us. Each of us are asking you to remember your parents, and choose to do for all those to do what you would do for yourself and those you love and the well-being of each individual.

Now it is your turn to take care of the community of aging parents M.P.P Catherine Fife, to make a difference, to Bill 153, Long-Term Care Homes Amendment (Till Death Do Us Part) Act. We are asking you to not force our parents or any of the others to be separated from each other and that they are given the opportunity to join each others side once more and continue to living together.

Kalina Bains

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