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Bohemian Kintsugi Woman?

Good morning lovelies.

So, I was reflecting and just had to share it with you a bit about myself. As a women guided by passion and spirit, having gone through a chrysalis journey of self-discovery as a kintsugi woman, and embracing my imperfections and all the ups and downs life throws at me? Well, I was thinking about my Bohemian spirit and being a Kintsugi woman. It's all about celebrating my unique journeys and flaws most beautifully.

The Bohemian spirit, a non-conformist, that is me, was me even as a 6-year-old in a Mennonite family, a rebel always questioning things.

It’s this amazing vibe of living true to self, embracing creativity, and not being afraid to go against the grain. It’s like living my life as a true expression of who I am, imperfections and all, without worrying about societal norms. It’s so liberating to think about – like, imagine us just being completely ourselves, flaws included, and seeing that as our superpower. It’s kind of empowering, don’t you think?

There’s this concept of being a Kintsugi woman, which might be even more fascinating. Kintsugi is that beautiful Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold, making the cracks part of the art, making it even more precious.

Most of us have had a journey and felt the brokenness and creatively and lovingly put our lives back together stronger. I am a Kintsugi Woman.

Being a Kintsugi woman is all about embracing our scars, our past, and our imperfections, and seeing them as something that adds to our beauty rather than something that detracts from it. It’s like saying, “Yeah, life has thrown its best at me, but here I am, stronger and more beautiful because of it.” I just love how both ideas remind us to celebrate our journeys, no matter how messy or imperfect. It’s all about finding beauty in the chaos, don’t you think?

Are you a Bohemian Kintsugi woman? I am.


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