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Healing Daughter's Butterfly

In the summer I bought a beautiful pair of jeans from Laura, one of my favorite ladies’ shops with butterflies on the back of my leg.

This morning as I was deciding what to put on, I grabbed them and though I can wear these in the winter it doesn’t matter that there is snow out and it is winter. I love butterflies and what they mean to me: a transformation, of strength on a journey, and evolving into a beautiful, gentle, strong creature that can fly through the wind, with delicate, thin, and powerful wings.

God has created the miracle of strength in this beautiful fluttering, delicate creation of the creator.

As we embark on a new year, we may remember our journey and all we have gone through as a healing daugther. Now as Diva Strong, we are reminded of the beautiful transformation that takes place when a butterfly emerges from its cocoon. Just like the butterfly, we too are constantly evolving, shedding our old selves to make way for the new.

With each passing year, we gain wisdom and strength from the experiences that have shaped us. These experiences help us to become stronger, wiser, and better equipped to tackle the challenges that come our way.

As we begin this new journey of self, we do so with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. We are bolder, braver, and more confident in our abilities. We have emerged from our cocoons as beautiful souls, ready to spread our wings and take flight.

Diva Strong inspires spreads her wings and takes flight, leaving behind her old self and embracing her new form. She is a symbol of beauty and grace, radiating confidence and power.

As a Diva, I encourage all women to embrace this metamorphosis. I empower them to break free from their cocoon and transform into their true selves. Celebrating all women, everywhere as they are all beautiful and unique in their way.

We stand together, as strong and empowered women, each one of us a diva in our own right. We embrace our differences and lift each other up, supporting one another through our struggles and celebrating our successes.

Our journey doesn't end here. Just like the butterfly, we must continue to grow and evolve, pushing ourselves to be the best we can be. We look forward to all the opportunities and challenges 2024, will bring, and we are excited to see where our strength and wisdom will take us.

As a Healing Daughter, I was like a butterfly emerging out of a cocoon. Now stronger, braver, and bolder, ready to take on new challenges I am Diva Strong.

We have learned from this journey as a healing daughter, know that you are not alone. You are stronger and braver and capable of overcoming anything that comes your way. You are Diva Strong.

Embrace this new year with open hearts and minds, ready to receive all the blessings and become the beautiful Divas we were always meant to be. As the butterfly spreads its wings and take flight, embracing our inner Diva and transforming into the beautiful, strong, and empowered women we were always meant to be.

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