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Chrysalis Journey Truths Discovered 

Dear Kintsugi SiSTARS,

Ready to tune into your internal GPS, we all have? This journey is not just about reaching a destination; it’s about the metamorphosis, the unfolding, and the becoming. Listening to your women’s GPS. 

Your internal GPS is your intuition, your inner guide that whispers truths only you can understand. It’s the voice that encourages you when you’re shrouded in self-doubt, the nudge that directs you when unsure and anxious about the future.

Let your passions be the wind beneath your wings, propelling you forward. Your spirit is the compass that points true north, guiding you through the darkest nights and into the dawn.

Within the chrysalis, transformation is not visible to the outside world, yet it is where the most significant change occurs. Trust in this process. Trust in yourself. You are becoming who you are meant to be.

Release the grip of anxiety, fear, and the ghosts of your past. They do not serve the future you are creating. In their place, weave a tapestry of hope, courage, and new beginnings.

Doubts are the shadows cast by your light. Acknowledge them, but do not let them eclipse your brilliance. The negative self-talk is a critic that has overstayed its welcome. Thank it for trying to protect you, and say good-bye..

In the quiet moments, reflect on the truths you’ve unearthed. They are the gems that have emerged from your journey, each a beacon that illuminates your path.

As you continue on this path, remember that like the art of Kintsugi, our breaks and repairs are not to be hidden but celebrated. They are the golden seams that make us beautifully whole. Every woman’s journey is a unique tapestry of experiences, woven with threads of trials and triumphs. 

As you listen to your internal GPS, guided by passion and spirit, you embark on a chrysalis journey of self-trust. It’s a path where you learn to let go of anxiety, fear, and the past, to begin again, letting go of doubts and self-criticism. 

Here are 11 truths I have discovered on my transformative journey:

  1. The Power of Vulnerability: Embracing vulnerability is not a sign of weakness but a courageous step towards authenticity. It’s the first gold line in your Kintsugi bowl, a testament to your strength.

  2. Self-Love is Non-Negotiable: Loving yourself is the foundation upon which all other love is built. It’s the soil that nourishes the roots of your spirit.

  3. Boundaries are Beautiful: Setting boundaries is an act of self-respect. It defines where you end and others begin, allowing you to flourish without losing yourself.

  4. Forgiveness Frees You: Forgiving yourself and others releases the chains of the past. It’s the key to unlocking a future where you’re not defined by old scars.

  5. Growth Requires Patience: Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, growth is a slow, and deliberate process. It cannot be rushed, only nurtured.

  6. Gratitude is Transformative: Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It shifts the focus from what’s missing to the abundance that’s present.

  7. Your Story is Your Strength: Every challenge you’ve faced is a chapter in your story of resilience. Own it, share it, and inspire others with it.

  8. Change is the Only Constant: Embrace change as the only constant in life. It’s the force that pushes you forward, towards new experiences and opportunities.

  9. Joy is Found in the Present: Joy doesn’t come from external circumstances but from being fully present in the moment. It’s the sunlight that breaks through the clouds of worry.

  10. You are Not Alone: On this journey, remember that you are part of a siSTARhood. Your Kintsugi siSTARS are with you, sharing in the collective strength.

  11. Your Intuition is a Compass: Trusting your intuition is like following a compass that points you towards your true north. It’s the internal guide that never steers you wrong.

As you reflect on these truths, remember that each one is a step towards a more authentic, fulfilled self. Your journey is a beautiful Kintsugi masterpiece, a celebration of the strength found in brokenness and the beauty in being pieced back together. May your path be illuminated with the golden glow of wisdom and self-discovery.

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