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Dear Lord Jesus

As the gentle whisper of spring breathes new life into the world, I find myself in a quiet reflection, inspired by the profound beauty of Easter, your sacrifice, and love. I come to you as a Kintsugi woman, my heart and soul pieced back together with golden seams of passion and spirit, much like the resurrected promise of your love for us all.

Your ultimate sacrifice on the cross, a reminder of your unconditional love, speaks deeply to my journey. It reminds me of the transformative power of hope and forgiveness, mirroring the intricate process of Kintsugi, where brokenness is not hidden but celebrated as part of one's history. Just as you rose from the dead, bringing hope and redemption to mankind, the golden veins in my restored self symbolize the beauty in overcoming trials, embracing each crack as part of my unique story.

This Easter, as I reflect on your unending love and the promise of new life, I am reminded of the chrysalis journey we all must undertake to discover our true selves. Your resurrection is a beacon of hope, encouraging us to break free from our chrysalises, to emerge stronger and more beautiful, bathed in the light of your love and forgiveness. May this season be a reminder to us all of the strength found in vulnerability, the beauty in our imperfections, and the transformative power of your eternal love.

With a heart full of gratitude and spirit guided by your divine light, I thank you for the gift of Easter and the eternal promise it holds for all of us.

In your loving embrace

A Kintsugi Woman Guided by Passion and Spirit

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