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Empower Your Essence Prayer


In the sacred embrace of our shared moments, I weave a prayer of love, radiant with the golden threads of kintsugi, celebrating not just our unity but the beauty of your individuality. May these words be a torch to the strength in your vulnerabilities, the light in your fractures, turning every scar into a star that guides you on your path.

Empower your essence, with the courage of a warrior and the gentle touch of a healer. Like the diverse prisms that fracture light into a spectrum of colors, may your life fracture any darkness, turning obstacles into opportunities to shine.

Your free, feminine, ethereal energy is a force, a whirlwind of potential, dancing to the rhythm of your deepest desires and dreams. Let it be unleashed, wild and uncontained, to explore the vastness of your being and the world around you.

Engage with the world, with eyes wide open to the beauty that surrounds you and the beauty within you. Explore the crevices of your soul and the universe. Let curiosity be your compass and passion your path.

Evolve with every breath, every step, reaching higher, diving deeper into the essence of who you are meant to be. In this eternal cycle of embracing, empowering, engaging, exploring, and evolving, may you find the strength to repeat, to rise blessed with every morning, illuminated to illuminate others.

Guided by passion and spirit, may you always remember that you are a beacon of light in a world that heals with your glow.

With each prism of self on this chrysalis journey, you emerge stronger from your trials more brilliant than before, you are an eternal flame of hope and love. In this prayer, I hold you close, enveloping you in a love that knows no bounds, a love that empowers you to empower others, a love that is your strength, your shield, and your most profound truth.

As an eternal ember even in the deepest shadows, you carry an unquenchable flame within, an eternal ember of ceaseless hope, endurance, and spirit of transformation casting radiant trails for others to follow.

Illuminated to Illuminate

Kintsugi Woman

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