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Healing Thought by Thought, Day by Day

balance forgivness

The cyclones in my life that have left me upside down, inside out and chaotic have brought me to this day to be blessed enough to know things change. Days still find their way of finding anger, worry, and want but most of the time I am discovering balance, compassion, discernment, forgiveness, humility, maturity and wisdom.

It is only because I have walked thru the doors of doubt, pain and trauma that I am able to feel and understand others and myself better. The snippets of relief that I will not go thru it again; or let myself get worked up over things that I have no control of and were never mine to worry about in the first place. I let go of the things in my life that cause anger, depression and isolation.

I am giving myself permission to take care of me and trust my own instincts.

Give it to God, forgive myself and others and leave it there.

Years of questioning why I am here, where was I going? What did I want? Was I ever going to be happy? Feeling like I was getting off one merry-go-round just to get on to another.

Life keeps turning and things do change; I am here, blessed to have walked thru the door, strong enough, to hold the door open for those of you in my life who like me searching.

Creating boundaries and letting go of limiting beliefs; to let go of the fear and healing thought by thought, day by day. I wish this same blessing for you.

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