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I Fly Higher

Embraced by the golden scars of her kintsugi soul, she unfurls her brave wings, embarking on a transformative chrysalis journey.

Each scar, a transformation of self to her resilience, tells a story of survival and strength that emanates from the very core of her being. These are not mere marks of fragility, but rather badges of honour, of the countless battles she has withstood and emerged from, stronger and more steadfast.

With every challenge faced, she has not only endured but has transformed her scars into powerful reminders of her indomitable spirit. Her journey, marked by these cracks, serves as a beacon of hope and of the unyielding power of the human spirit to overcome adversity. Through her resilience, she inspires those around her, proving that it is not the absence of fractures that defines strength, but the ability to stand tall and whole in their presence.

Each scar, is a chapter of her unwritten story. With the wisdom of the past and the courage of the present, she soars into the embrace of her becoming. For in her flight, she discovers the true essence of empowerment: not in never falling, but in rising each time with wings stronger, and a spirit unyielded. She flies, not just to destinations, but towards the limitless expanse of her potential. She is the kintsugi woman, and with brave wings, she flies, weaving her story in the skies of endless possibilities.

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