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It's Messy...Garbage Can of Life

Garbage day we go around the rooms emptying the garbage cans taking it to the recycling and replacing our pretty lavender smelling bags into the can. Then it's time to go to the smelly kitchen garbage can and what a stink.

Today as I was cleaning, vacuuming, and getting to the kitchen garbage, I emptied it even though garbage day is a couple of days as it had a whiff of yuck. Emptying the fridge, with leftovers, can do that. Who wants that when you open the garbage right? Isn't that what a garbage can is supposed to smell like? I don't want it, do you? I know we may be busy and the can isn't even half full but yuk.

So I have one of those garbage cans you don't have to touch, amazing magic, you don't have to use your hands to touch the lid. I love it. Who wants to touch the germy dirty garbage can, picking up the top cover to remove the garbage I need to pick up the brace that sits around the bag to keep it in place. Whenever the lid raises it makes it so much easier but when I look at the lid or inside it is as gross as a garbage can is right. People through things in and food gets stuck to the side of the lid etc.

So garbage day is my day to clean the lid after the clean bag gets replaced. Picking up the lid you see the yuck underneath who looks at that, do you just replace the lid and figure someone else is cleaning the yuck?

Well if it's your garbage can of life you have to pick up that lid and look under it, it's not just the top that needs to be wiped off, and before you put the bag in make sure the bag isn't leaking and see what mess is there.

In many situations in life, we have covered up and quickly forgotten about or left the problem for someone else hoping it never comes back to us. It's your garbage you have to deal with or it may be some ones that you are going to help with.

Life gets messy and we want to forget about the past and like the stinky mess under the garbage bag that hasn't been cleaned out for awhile needs to be dealt with. Get your rubber gloves out, do you have the pretty ones "Domestic Goddess" are mine.

It's not pretty, getting into the bottom of the situation and dealing with what we thought we could forget about. But its there, look after it.

It may be feelings you don't want to deal with, people that you haven't wanted to think about or a sadness that reminds you of a past that held you back from a life you wanted. How are you dealing with it? Are you dealing with it? Or waiting for it to evaporate. It has to be dealt with. It may take years to make changes to life or it can change with just a thought then making a change in life.

Those baby steps of change have opened your mind to questioning where you are today and acknowledging there needs to be change. Change that makes a change. If you want to throw out the garbage can or uproot and make drastic changes in your life it is possible. Deal with what you need to today.

Life is messy, scary, and uncomfortable but we need to deal with it.

Find the tools, people, and opportunities to help you when you need to.

Life has so much out there for you, start with one mess at a time.

Love & Light


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