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Kaleidoscope of Love, Forgiveness, Joy and Hope

In the gentle embrace of the universe, we gather to honor the Kintsugi woman in reverence to her resilience, as she weaves the broken pieces of her past into a tapestry of strength and beauty. May her ability to mend her wounds with grace inspire us to embrace our imperfections with love and compassion.

Grant her the power of forgiveness, to let go of bitterness and embrace healing. May she find courage in vulnerability, and wisdom in her scars. Bless her with the gift of empathy, to see the beauty in others' brokenness and offer solace in times of need. May her laughter be a beacon of light in the darkness, and her tears a cleansing rain for the soul.

Guide her hands as she molds her future with intention, creating a masterpiece from the prisms of shattered fragments of her past. In her journey of self-discovery, may she find strength in her vulnerabilities, and power in her authenticity. And as she sits down to supper, may she nourish her body, mind, and spirit with gratitude for the lessons learned along the way.

In the sacred space of this moment, we honor the Kintsugi woman as she continues to shine brightly, with a kaleidoscope of love, forgiveness, hope, and joy as to the beauty that arises from brokenness.

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